The Ultimate Routine to Start Your Day with a Bang

by Carter Toni

A great morning can carry on through the rest of your day. You start off on the right foot and immediately everything else just seems to fall into place. This is because, overall, our days are relatively similar. When your days are routine how you go into them and the intention you bring forward, make a huge difference. Want to have a great day? Go in feeling great and you will. Mood management is a powerful tool, and it can start from the moment you wake up.

To start your day with a bang you need to focus on your health and your wellbeing.

Drink water the moment you wake up

Shake off any headache or fatigue right off the bat by drinking a big glass of water. This will help rehydrate you after your sleep and can immediately work to improve cognitive function and oxygen flow in the body.

Stretch and set your goals for the day

Meditative stretching, particularly yoga, is an excellent way to start your day. Yoga in particular allows you to stretch your body and get your circulation going. It also targets your muscles, wakes them up, and helps invigorate your whole body. Use this time to also reflect, and even set intentions for yourself so that you can plan out your day, set goals, and see them through.

Opt for an icy shower

Though a hot shower is relaxing and can help ease muscle aches, you may find that cold, even icy, showers or baths provide much more immediate results. Cultures around the world routinely engage inice swimming, with some even going so far as taking a dip into a frozen lake, river, or canal. Cold showers improve circulation, reduce issues like skin inflammation and acne, invigorate you, and of course work to wake you up.

Improving your breakfast

Your breakfast should be full of vitamin-packed foods that, most importantly, take time to digest. These slow-release foods work to keep you energized and full for longer, which is great news both for your energy and mood as well as if you have any weight loss goals.

Choose superfoods for breakfast like oats, fruits, nuts, and other energy-boosting choices. Oats in particular are a great choice because there are so many delicious oat recipes out there that help you combine superfoods and have one incredible breakfast as a result.

Stay stress free

Stress is a survival tool, not something that we should commit to every day. Keep your day stress free by keeping your mornings stress free. Keep to a strict time schedule, put on some great music, and get out the door before you need to so that you can get to work on time (or, if you work from home, so that you can comfortably be ready for your day before you need to clock in). Planning out your morning so you don’t feel stressed is one of the best things that you can do for your day and your health.

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