The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, 2021

by Carter Toni

Finland continues to be named because the #1 country on the planet in 2021 for Quality of Existence, based on the CEOWORLD magazine 2021 report, while Denmark and Norwegian placed second and third, correspondingly. The 2021 rankings placed Belgium in 4th in front of Norway into fifth while Europe rated sixth and also the Netherlands seventh. Syria is incorporated in the last place behind Sudan, Montserrat, North Korea, and Comoros.

The rankings measure global perceptions of 165 nations selected simply because they lead most towards the world’s GDP. Greater than 258,000 people all over the world are requested to judge the countries according to 10 metrics varying from stability to transparency to equality. Overall, one of the top ten best countries on the planet to find the best quality of existence, the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions are held by France, Germany, and Japan.

Being safe, politically stable, and getting a properly-developed public health system drove Finland’s quality of existence ranking to the top Best Countries 2021 list.

The Earth’s Best Countries For Quality of Existence, 2021


Detailed findings & methodology: To be able to determine the rankings, researchers in the CEOWORLD magazine examined and compared 165 countries across 10 key groups: Affordability, Economic stability, Family-friendly, A great employment market, Earnings equality, political neutrality & stability, Safety, cultural influence, Well-developed public education system, and Well-developed public health system. Each attribute was graded on the 100-point scale.

Raw data for countries were normalized on the 1-100 scale based on the following: Every individual indicator was handed equal weighting within all of ten groups with a few indicators being made up of 2-3 sub-indicators which were also weighted equally. Each category was weighted equally to reach the general index.

Sources: CEOWORLD magazine come up with a panel of experts to talk about data points culled from sources such as the EIU Index, World Economic Forum, Global Insight, the worldwide Gender Gap Index, Gini, and Gender Gap index, The Legatum Success Index, Transparency Worldwide, Ecological Performance Index, Better Existence Index, CIA World Factbook, World Bank, UNDP Annual Report, in addition to CEOWORLD magazine research. Then they used that information to check the world’s countries because of its citizens and residents. With different consensus from all of these sources, the ultimate selection of metropolitan areas was judged editorially, as was their position out there. All information is which are more recent period available.

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