Three adventurous days via Peaks of the Balkans Trail

by James Martin


When you find out that you will spend 3 days in Balkans, you just can’t resist it. In just three days, you are going to hike in three countries: Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro.


Even more when you discover that the trail that you are going to trek it is part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail. Together with Trek Balkan we visited some wonderful hidden places deep in the Accursed Mountains and celebrated a surprise birthday party.

Day One: Kuqishte – Babino Polie

It was Friday the 2nd and the day of the depart began, we started our hiking adventure from Kuqishte through the wonderful lakes of Liqenat (Niqind Nete) “Long before the locals used to call it Hundred Nights because they stayed there during the summer days and took their livestock out there and lived their lives for hundred days till the cold and freezing days arrived”. – A reference from Adnan Beqiraj.



Day two: Grebaja National Park

The next day, we woke up from a wonderful sleep and got something to eat and prepared our backpacks and we got gathered by Adnan, took a group picture together with Enko as well as we went to the mini bus, eventually we took our road to the wonderful Grebaja. This day was one of the best days ever, there were many wonderful moments worth to mention, like Hana’s Birthday party and the hike to the wonderful summit of Vajusha with an altitude of 2056m above the sea level. Vajusha mountain is located in the Accursed Mountains of Montenegro or also they call it Prokletije.



Day Three: Vuthaj-Theth trail

On the third day, we woke up, there was a huge rain falling down from the skies, some people thought that we are going to stay another night in Vuthaj, which would be amazing. However, after we ate breakfast and prepared our backpacks, the time came to say goodbye. Vuthaj is an amazing place and always will be. We hiked from Vuthaj to Qafa e Borit and descended down to Cerem in Albania. We hiked in the rain, mud beneath our hiking boots and fresh air in the air, no one was mentioning the rain, everyone was enjoying it.


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