Tips for Successfully Planning an Awesome Party!

by Sean Dixon

Whether you are hosting a party for a loved one or for a work colleague or other family member, you want to ensure it is as awesome as can be. When you are planning a party, there are lots of elements that need to be considered. Great, and awesome parties are put together. They are not something that just naturally happens. So, to ensure that the party you organize gets spoken about positively, it is time to start planning.

Master the Guestlist

Who exactly is going to be invited to this party and why? It is important to master the guestlist as soon as you can because you need to know who you are inviting and why. You also need to know how many numbers you are looking at expecting as you have to plan food, drink, and entertainment accordingly. When you are putting together a guest list, you might want to think about inviting individuals or couples. If you start adding plus ones, you don’t have full control over who guests will bring.

Organize Great Food and Drink

All good parties have food and drink that is sumptuous, filling, tasty, and sometimes a little bit special. No matter how long the party lasts, you will want to organize welcome drinks and food for the guests to nibble on. Having just a cake or dessert is not good enough. You have to have something that will keep guests at ease and entertained as the day or night continues. Good party food is often arranged in a buffet style. Items such as nachos and dips, burgers, and fries work well. Finger foods will keep people dancing, having fun, and not sitting down, killing the atmosphere. This can be achieved cheaply by preparing the food yourself or by getting a venue to do this on your behalf.

Have Fun Group Activities Planned

No matter how many people you invite to a party, you will want to be sure that there is an awesome atmosphere at all times. To do this, you want to offer fun group activities. Getting everyone together and getting competitions together is a great way to build an atmosphere. One way you could do this is by organizing an indoor golf simulator or something that encourages both fun and competitiveness. If you have no planned group activities, the atmosphere will become a little stale and boring.

Get the Right Location and Venue

Where you hold your party is key to everything, you do. If you are choosing a location that is out in the middle of nowhere, you may find you reduce the numbers on your guestlist drastically. The right location or venue will most likely be somewhere that is popular and well-known. It will be easy to access, and it will be set up ready for parties and functions. If a venue does not normally hold functions or parties, you will feel this, and you will find that your event will not run as smoothly as it could. Also, think about transport links surrounding the location and venue, ensuring it is accessible for the majority of guests.

Think About Having a Theme

Some of the best parties often have themes that are based around (and built upon). These themes set the tone for the whole party. They could be based on a favorite film, or they could be based on fancy dress. Adding a fun twist to the mix can leave guests wondering what they can expect. If you are not sure what theme you want to go with, then why not brainstorm some ideas? Think about parties you have been to before – have they had a theme? For instance, a cocktail party theme or even 50’s style?

Don’t Expect Perfection

You can get very wrapped up in party planning, and this can leave you with unrealistically high expectations. Expecting that you will not achieve perfection is important. When you set the standards too high, you push yourself, and you end up not enjoying the planning process as much as you should. To get the party that you want without putting too much pressure on yourself, you must focus on planning and preparation where you can. Taking time to plan out what you want at a party and giving yourself enough time to pull everything together is essential. If you are not getting organized and are leaving everything until the last minute, your might find that you are compromising more than you should.

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