Tips & Tricks To Sell Digital Downloads On Your Website

by Carter Toni

Digital products are comfortable and convenient to be sold online. One can simply dwnload these products and use them when and where they want. But in order to make the whole buying process easy for your customers, here are a few tips.

Know the difference between ownership and licensing

The very first tip to sell digital downloads online revolves around one’s understanding about ownership and licensing. Once you understand the difference between these two, you can sell more and better.

You own every digital download that you wish to sell. Be it an artwork, photography or any other digital content. And the buyers who purchase such digital products from your website actually buy a license to use it. They can not own the product but can use it by purchasing the license for it. This is completely different from buying and selling in the physical sense. If you own a clothing store, you sell the clothes so that purchasers can own it but this is not true for digital content. Here your work is protected from unfair redistribution. And to let that happen, there are various types of licenses that buyers can choose from. Like license for right to print multiple copies of your work or just one; license for right to use your work in ways specified by you etc.

Do not skimp on scanning

When you look for ways to sell digital downloads on websites, you can simply upload the created file to the website and sell it from there. But in case you want to sell digital downloads of physical artwork you need to focus on scanning and photographing. These two are the best and easiest options for getting physical art online. If your physical art can be scanned using an at home scanner that connects to your computer, nothing better than that. For larger artworks, prefer getting it scanned at a printing shop and then sending it to yourself in the mail. You can also save it in any of your drives and then upload it later.

For the photography option you might have to use a good quality camera to make sure that every photo taken has a high resolution. Always try to resist taking pictures on the phone because even if the image looks perfect, the file will be too small to get printed clearly.

Use the SEO best practices

SEO is always one of the most crucial deciding factors when it comes to getting deserving viewership for the products. If the item in your listing is more recognizable, higher will be its rank in the search engine result pages. And hence more people will find it. Using SEO is the best way to sell digital downloads. To let this happen, you need to follow a few simple steps. 

Use keywords – When you use relevant keywords for your products they become relevant tags. Think of the phrases that your target audience would searhc. Such eywords will let you land them on your products. 

A descriptive title tag – A good title tag will encourage the buyers to click. And a single click will lead people to your product page. Hence keep it simple, concise yet informative. 

A dazzling product description – Description of a product is what users see as the summary of your product. So keep it specific and engaging. 

Add alt text to your images – Alt text is descriptive text that appears in place of an image when it has trouble loading. This helps buyers to know what they are going to buy.

Build social media presence

Today, social media is one of the biggest tools for promotion. No matter what and where you sell, social media can benefit you in many ways. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter give you opportunities to widen your customer reach and engage with people. Once you have built a good social media presence, you can use these platforms to drive traffic back to your website. Social media is the only answer to the most asked question— how to sell digital downloads online. Some companies use social media really well and with time generate customers too.

Final Words

Helping customers interact with products before buying is an effective way to sell digital downloads on websites. There are many applications that help you make use of certain features and techniques to spread the words about your products. Follow the above tips and experience the difference on your own.

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