Top tips for making friends as an adult

by Carter Toni

Making friends as an adult isn’t easy. Our social circle tends to shrink after we leave school or college, and outside of work there seem to be few places in which we can meet people. This is becoming even more true as many of us now work from home on a permanent basis. The good news is that it is still possible to make new friends no matter how old you are—as long as you’re brave enough to put yourself out there. Want a little advice? Here are some top tips. 

Take up a new hobby

One of the easiest ways to meet new people who you have at least one interest in common with is by joining some sort of hobby group. This could be absolutely anything, from a book club or walking group to a running club, as long as it’s an activity that you are genuinely interested in. Alternatively, head down to the local climbing wall, skate park, or food festival and strike up a conversation there. If you meet someone that you get along with, you can always head to a bar or coffee shop afterwards to talk more. 

Become a volunteer

Volunteering with a local charity or nonprofit organization is a fantastic way to meet people while also giving back to your local community. There are usually a wide range of one-off and regular activities available, and it’s a good option if you’re new to an area and want to get to know people of all different ages and backgrounds. You can bond over your passion for the cause, and ask for advice on whether Root Insurance is the best company in your city for auto insurance, which cafés do the best lunches, and where the top hiking spots are. 

Join a class

If you’re looking for an activity with a bit more structure, why not try enrolling in an evening class? Most cities have everything from language lessons to music classes and art tutorials, so you’re sure to find a subject that suits your schedule and interests. Such classes often involve working in pairs or small groups, which makes it easier to break the ice and get to know your fellow students. When you find someone you hit it off with, you can then arrange to meetup outside of the classroom. Plus, because the primary aim of these sessions is to learn, there’s no pressure to become instant friends or even stay in touch after the course has finished (although hopefully you will). 

Try an app

We all know about dating apps, but nowadays there are also apps out there which help you to find platonic friendships. Some of the best known include Bumble BFF and Hey! VINA, which both enable you to connect with people in your area who you have common interests with. Then, of course, there are the standard social media platforms such as Instagram, which can also be used to make connections with potential friends. The key is to be authentic, so that those relationships you build online are more likely to blossom into genuine friendships that stand the test of time.

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