Turtle Boy Arrested: Why Was Turtleboy Blogger Aidan Kearney Arrested? Who is Turtle Boy?

by Moore Martin

Turtle Boy Arrested

In recent headlines, the name Aidan Kearney, the enigmatic persona behind the “Turtleboy” news blog, has been making waves due to his involvement in the John O’Keefe murder case, closely connected to Karen Reed. Reed, a Massachusetts resident, stands accused of second-degree murder, vehicular manslaughter while impaired, and leaving the scene of a fatal accident, all linked to the death of her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe. Kearney, an ardent advocate of the theory that Reed is being unjustly targeted, has penned numerous articles on the case. Allegedly, he has also employed aggressive tactics, such as attending rallies, harassing witnesses, and targeting the lead investigator, Michael Proctor, and his wife through incendiary blog posts.

On a fateful day, October 11, 2023, Kearney faced the legal consequences of his actions as he found himself facing six counts of witness intimidation and one count of conspiracy. These charges stem from his alleged attempts to exert undue influence on the case by intimidating key individuals, including the lead investigator and witnesses. This arrest underscores the potential legal ramifications for individuals who engage in aggressive and potentially intimidating behavior while covering high-profile cases.

Unmasking Turtle Boy

Aidan Kearney, originally from Holden, is the mastermind behind Turtleboy, a blogging platform that positions itself as a relentless crusader against corruption within the Massachusetts State Police and political circles. Identifying as a journalist, Kearney made a significant career shift, transitioning from an 11-year stint as a high school history teacher to a prominent blogger. He passionately champions the cause of combating what he perceives as rampant big tech censorship, threats to free speech, and the stifling grip of political correctness in defense of democracy. Kearney’s self-published memoir, “I and Turtleboy,” offers an intimate glimpse into his personal journey, including a controversial incident in 2014 where he alleges being wrongfully terminated from his teaching job due to false accusations of a sexual assault during a Patriots-Bills game. He successfully sued for libel in this case.

While Turtleboy ostensibly positions itself as a platform dedicated to unveiling societal injustices, Kearney has, at times, courted controversy by promoting conspiracy theories online. His latest legal entanglement arises from his extensive coverage of the Karen Reed case, resulting in multiple counts of witness intimidation and one count of conspiracy. This represents a stark departure from his self-proclaimed mission to safeguard free speech, now entangled in legal challenges arising from his online endeavors.

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The Underlying Story of Turtle Boy’s Arrest

The backdrop to the arrest of Turtleboy blogger Aidan Kearney revolves around his fervent conviction that Karen Reed is an innocent victim ensnared in a sinister cover-up linked to the tragic death of her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe. Kearney has been actively spearheading a campaign to secure Reed’s release, presenting a version of events that starkly contrasts with the official narrative.

According to Kearney, O’Keefe was allegedly assaulted within a Canton residence owned by another Boston police officer. Kearney contends that the officer’s dog played a pivotal role in the fatal incident, a theory he has vigorously disseminated online. His online activities also include urging his supporters to harass witnesses, with a particular focus on the homeowner, Brian Albert, and his politically connected extended family.

Kearney’s legal troubles escalated when prosecutors outlined a series of events that led to his arrest. This included allegations of distributing the phone number of lead investigator Michael Proctor’s wife to Turtleboy followers on YouTube. Kearney was further accused of directly confronting Proctor during a live YouTube broadcast, questioning Proctor’s associations with the Albert family. Although Kearney has pleaded not guilty and was released on personal recognizance bail, he is under strict orders not to contact any victims involved in the case. Despite these conditions, he has defiantly declared his intent to continue his activities, risking imprisonment for up to 90 days without bail should he violate the imposed restrictions.

Turtle Boy Arrested – FAQs

  1. Why was Turtleboy blogger Aidan Kearney arrested?
    Aidan Kearney, the Turtleboy blogger, was arrested on charges of witness intimidation and conspiracy related to his coverage of the Karen Reed case, where Reed is accused of the murder of her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.
  2. What led to Kearney’s arrest?
    Kearney allegedly promoted baseless theories online, including claims that O’Keefe was brutally attacked inside a Canton house. He urged his followers to harass witnesses, distributed the lead investigator’s wife’s phone number, and confronted the investigator directly during a live YouTube broadcast.
  3. What are the specific charges against Kearney?
    Kearney is charged with six counts of witness intimidation and one count of conspiracy. The charges stem from his alleged efforts to influence the Karen Reed case by harassing witnesses and the lead investigator, as well as distributing private information online.
  4. Has Kearney pleaded guilty to the charges?
    No, Kearney has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released on personal recognizance bail but is under strict orders to stay away from contacting any victims in the case, including witnesses and the lead investigator.
  5. What consequences could Kearney face if found guilty?
    If found guilty of violating the conditions of his release, Kearney could be jailed for up to 90 days without bail. The charges against him highlight the legal implications of engaging in aggressive tactics and alleged witness intimidation in the context of high-profile cases.

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