Uncover Ethereal Radiance by Adorning Intricately-Designed Silver Pendants

by Carter Toni

Silver is known to bring out the pinks of your cheeks and the cool blues of your face. Jewellery carved out of silver can be interchangeably worn through Summer, Spring, Autumn as well as Winter! So, investing in silver jewellery can keep you on par with the social media aesthetics and vogue trends throughout the year.

As silver never runs the risk of looking too washed out, you can be assured of an irresistible, radiant glow throughout the day and even through the rest of the young night. So, to build up your silver jewellery collection, we suggest you start with silver pendants. They are the simplest to style yet pretty much go with every aesthetic. Plus, you can wear them as a statement piece or layer them together with other necklaces to create a unique bunch.

Types of Silver Pendants to Add to Your Glittery Collection

With silver pendants being the go-to choice for women around the world, brands have taken it upon themselves to come up with the most innovative designs! The fresh take on silver pendants not only suits your drip in style but also conveys immense meaning through the incorporation of symbols and meaning-rich objects. So, here are some types of silver pendants you can explore and add to your jewellery assemblage:

Season-Specific Silver Charm

Do you love to match your jewellery to the soul of the season? Stylists think it’s a great tactic to seem like you put more thought into planning the look than you did! For example, to inculcate the aura of a Summer Goddess, opt for a pendant with a Sun charm bearing intricately carved rays to portray your command over every hot day!

Pair the silver pendant with yellow, orange or white shades of clothing to make the entire look feel cohesive yet effortlessly put together.

A Silver Charm Symbolising Your Passion

You can opt for a silver pendant with a dangly charm representative of your passions or hobbies. If you love photography or enjoy taking selfies whenever you go out, preserve the kick you get from clicking ‘shoot’ by materialising it in the form of a camera charm.

If you love to play the guitar or simply can’t end the day without listening to a certain playlist – memorialise your love for melodies in the form of a guitar charm! Similarly, find a silver charm which relates to some part of your life and wear them every day to keep in touch with what makes you, authentically yourself.

Trendy Floral Silver Pendants

Silver flower pendants are all the rage right now. From picnics to parties, women never forget to put on their favourite flower pendant to add a touch of femininity and tenderness to their overall look. So, tap into your gorgeous Goddess-like aura and adorn the trendy flower pendant to elevate every look.

Tips on Choosing the Right Silver Pendant for You

As jewellery can be immensely meaningful and even act as a source of inspiration and purpose when life gets hard, choosing the ideal piece is important. So, to make the perfect selection of silver pendant, here are certain factors to consider:

1. Style

Style and preference take the cake! Whether or not the other points are kept in mind, you must make an effort to understand your style, when gifting yourself silver jewellery. If you prefer to wear silver jewellery, explore the abundant mine of the jewel online.

However, before you buy silver pendants online, figure out whether or not you will wear them daily or occasionally. This will help you narrow down your choices.

2. Skin Undertones & Focus Points

A cooler undertone of skin usually makes silver jewellery pop even more! When it comes to choosing a specific silver pendant – decide on which colours enhance your face undertone the most.

As a necklace would complement your décolletage area, refer to the colour wheel and understand which colours would best suit the surrounding areas of your skin.

3. Price Point

If you have a particular budget in mind, you must surely prefer to stick to it. In that case, choose a brand of silver jewellery which fits your budget.

So, even within a tight budget,  you can purchase a set of two of your favourite pendants which you can wear interchangeably or layered together!

Concluding Thoughts on Finding Your Silver Charm

Silver pendants truly add a sense of style to every outfit. It’s important to choose one which perfectly fits in with your aesthetic. But with that comes the need to stay within a budget to feel like you got the better end of the deal! So, check out value-conscious brands like Mia by Tanishq to find the perfect silver pendant within your preferred price range.

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