Understanding Inclusions & Exclusions in Comprehensive Scooter Insurance

by Carter Toni

Buying comprehensive scooter insurance without proper awareness can pose problems while making an insurance claim. Therefore, policyholders should be aware of the inclusions and exclusions of their policy to understand the extent of their insurance coverage better.

While third-party bike insurance is mandatory in India, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can be a better option as it provides more wholesome coverage. This is because a comprehensive insurance plan protects the policyholder against both third-party liabilities and the damages caused to the insured vehicle. Moreover, purchasing comprehensive scooty insurance online is easy by visiting your insurance provider’s official website.

However, purchasing comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is not enough. You should know the inclusions and exclusions that are important to your comprehensive insurance policy.

Inclusions are what your bike insurance covers and exclusions are the ones that are not covered by your two-wheeler insurance policy. The list of what’s included or excluded depends on the type of vehicle insurance. Here, we’ll discuss the inclusions and exclusions of comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Comprehensive Scooter Insurance Inclusions

Comprehensive bike insurance plans cover the following liabilities or damages.

  • Third-party Liabilities: It covers damages caused by the insured vehicle to a third-party vehicle, property, or life involved in an accident.
  • Natural Calamities: Damages caused due to natural calamities like earthquakes, lightning, floods, etc.
  • Manmade Disasters: Damages caused due to manmade disasters like riots, malicious acts, terrorist activity, etc.
  • Accidental Damage: It covers damage caused to the vehicle during an accident.
  • Theft: Theft of the insured scooter.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Compensation for the death or bodily injury caused to the owner-driver involved in an accident while riding the insured scooter. You can opt-out of this if you already own a personal accident policy of 15 lacs or more.

Add-on Covers

You can increase the inclusions in your comprehensive plan by purchasing some optional add-ons, like depreciation cover, garage cash, engine protect, etc. These add-ons can be crucial in saving you money in repair and replacement if your scooter is damaged in an accident. You can include these add-ons while purchasing your comprehensive scooty insurance online

Comprehensive Scooter Insurance Exclusions

Comprehensive scooter insurance doesn’t cover the following types of damages.

  • Normal wear and tear a scooter may undergo due to ageing or other natural causes
  • Depreciation of the vehicle’s value unless protected by a Depreciation add-on cover
  • If the rider does not have a valid driving licence
  • If the rider is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike, not caused by an accident
  • Loss or damage caused due to war, nuclear risk, mutiny, etc
  • The scooter is used otherwise than the intended purpose or its limitations
  • Wear and tear of tyres, tubes, or other consumables when the scooter is not damaged

Renew Your Two-wheeler Insurance on Time

Apart from the inclusions and exclusions, remember to renew your policy on time. You can consider renewing comprehensive scooty insurance onlinewithin 15-30 days of the policy expiry. Moreover, consider purchasing a multi-year comprehensive insurance plan to save yourself from annual renewals.

If you know the inclusions and exclusions of your comprehensive scooter insurance in detail, you have a better understanding of the ambit of coverage. As a result, you can be more cautious while filing a claim and get the most out of your insurance plan.

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