Waistdear’s Top Picks for Stylish and Comfortable Waist Trainers

by Carter Toni

For those who are looking to achieve the best hourglass silhouette, waist trainers are definitively the best and safest solution to achieve it without having to spend a lot of money and risk your life in the surgery room. The waist trainer market will have a lot of options for you to choose from, from brands to styles.

A great place where you can find the best waist trainers is Waistdear. They are shapewear wholesale brand, which, since 2011, has been China’s leading shapewear manufacturer and factory. They cover over 150 countries around the world and have over 10 years of experience. Their main focus are shape and yoga wear, which wholesale yoga legging, that will be perfect for those who love practicing yoga.

wholesale yoga legging

Their shapewear range doesn’t only include, new arrival shapewear, but you can also find waist trainers and many other pieces that will help you achieve your health goals and an amazing hourglass figure too.

Waistdear’s most stylish and comfortable waist trainers

As we mentioned before, Waistdear has a lot of options to offer you when it comes to waist trainers that are not only stylish, but they are also comfortable. These are the wholesale waist trainers top picks we wanted to share with you.

wholesale waist trainers

First, we have the black under-bust latex waist trainer with double belt waist control. It has a W-type design which gives support around the breast area and perfectly fits the body. It was designed with a shorter back and a longer front, which makes it fit the curves of your body perfectly.

It has 9 steel bones that give you a snug fit, they also prevent the waist trainer from rolling and also provide and keep targeted shaping. It’s been made out of 4% cotton, 96% cotton, and 100% latex. Its latex core gives added elasticity and the cotton lining makes it perfect to wear during your workouts.

Thanks to the double straps in the waist, the waist and tummy get increased compression, and they will get secure thanks to its strong hook and loop fasteners.

Next, we have their black bust support latex waist trainer with belt firm control. This piece also has a W-type design for extra support around the breast area and for a perfect fit. It also has 9 steel bones to prevent rolling and for a snug fit. It also provides support to the back and waist and helps improve your posture.

The core made out of latex, adds elasticity and the cotton lining makes it perfect for workouts. It also has a YKK zipper that has loop and hook fasteners, that give extra compression to the tummy and waist, providing a secure fit and tight adjustment.

Then we have their steel-boned tummy control waist trainer with double belts.  It has an outer layer that has been woven from polyester of high quality and resilient latex, to give the abdomen a flattening effect. It also has a PU-coated lining that will help boost and stimulate the natural body heat with a lot of comfort.

It also has a durable zipper design that will make your waist trainer easy to wear. It also has 9 memory alloy steel bones that will give an anti-rolling effect and will provide support. Besides, it has a double belt and zipper designs that provide compression that is firm to your stomach and waist. And finally, it has hook and loop closure, which is highly qualified that provides a custom fit.

And finally, we have the compression black big-size latex waist slimmer with a fat. It helps women achieve a waist-cinching effect that is long-lasting. It has a belt layer for firmer control, to flatten the stomach and slim the tummy.

It also has elastic sticker straps that will provide and easy and secure adjustment and closure. The core is made of latex that with aid with weight loss, besides helping with the sculpting and shaping of the waist. This smoothing waist trainer will enhance your silhouette.

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