Want to keep your stairlift efficient for years? Then take a look at these top 10 maintenance tips!

by Carter Toni

The greatest challenge for people with low mobility is climbing up and down the stairs. This is why stairlifts have come as a boon for households! It helps themmove up and down without any hassle!

However, people often have questions on how to maintain stairlifts. Whether it’s curved stairlifts or straight stairlifts. To put these doubts to rest, here are the top 10 tips on how to maintain a stairlift:

1. Always keep the path clear

According to the leading providers of stairlift services in Philadelphia, keeping the track clear is important for seamless operations. Thus, it is better to always keep it clear from debris or clutter.

2. Tuck your clothes

When you buckle up before powering the stairlift, make it a point that your clothes are also tucked away from the track. Usually, the chances of clothing getting stuck are low, but better to be safe than sorry!

3. Don’t use the stairlift for heavy loads

A stairlift has been designed to carry people and not heavy loads. If you place items on the device that are beyond its weight limit, you might be looking in the face of a technical breakdown.

4. Keep the stairlift plugged in

A stairlift consumes minimal power and plugging and unplugging it can cause damage to the battery pack. As per the leading providers of chairlifts in Philadelphia, it is better to leave the stairlift plugged in as it would make way for prolonged service life.

5. Frequent cleaning

By frequently cleaning the stairlift’s track, seat, and footrest, you can keep the device ingood working condition for years. You can use either a dry or damp cloth for cleaning.

6. Keep the manual handy

The stairlift’s manual has maintenance and operating tips that are useful. Make sure to go over it and follow every instruction listed there.

7. Don’t lubricate the rail or other parts on your own

While cleaning is an important part of maintaining the stairlift, you can’t oil its different components on your own. It is always better to leave the technical work to professionals.

8. Get an annual maintenance

If you want to use your stairlift to stand the test of time, you must get it checked and serviced by experts. They would perform a comprehensive checkup and replace any damaged parts if needed.

9. Operate it regularly

Even when the stairlift is not in use, it is suggested to run it up and down the stairs several times a week. This will keep its running components active and functioning.

10. Ensure that every screw and bolt is tight

When the stairlift is getting used regularly, it is better to keep a look at every screw and bolt. In case any one of them gets loose, you can tighten them up with a screw.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you could keep your stairlift up and running for several years down the lane!

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