Watch: Nana Patekar Slap Viral Video: What Really Happened Behind the Scenes?

by Moore Martin

Nana Patekar Slap Viral Video

In the world of trending news, one name has recently taken center stage, captivating the attention of the masses. That name is none other than Nana Patekar, a veteran actor who found himself in the spotlight after a video of him apparently slapping a fan who approached him for a selfie went viral on social media, causing quite a stir. Netizens were left in shock by the Khamoshi star’s seemingly rude behavior, and they didn’t hold back in criticizing him. So, what exactly transpired in Nana Patekar’s viral video? In this article, we will delve into all the details of this incident.

The Controversial Video

According to reports, this video has become the talk of the town, stirring up controversy and leaving everyone wondering about the truth behind it. Instances of fans approaching celebrities are not uncommon, and this incident is just one of many that have caught people’s attention. When the video of the controversial incident surfaced, it left many bewildered. However, Nana Patekar later came forward to clarify his side of the story, revealing that the slapping incident was actually a scene from an upcoming movie. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics.

Nana Patekar’s Explanation

Nana Patekar addressed the situation and explained that the viral video was, in fact, a part of his new film project that was yet to be released. He stated that he had already rehearsed the scene and was about to start the second rehearsal when the boy in the video unexpectedly walked in. According to Patekar, he was unaware of the boy’s identity at the time and delivered the slap as part of the scene. However, it was only after the incident that he realized the boy was not a member of the film crew.

Furthermore, Patekar made sincere efforts to locate the boy after the incident but was unsuccessful in doing so. He emphasized that he has never declined a fan’s request for a photo or an autograph in the past. The video has sparked mixed reactions among the public, with some condemning the actor while others come to his defense.

The Complete Picture

In our quest for the full story, we’ve gathered information from various sources to present you with a comprehensive account of the incident. If any further details emerge, rest assured that we will be the first to provide you with updates. Stay tuned with us for the latest developments.


In conclusion, the viral video of Nana Patekar slapping a fan turned out to be a scene from his upcoming movie, despite initial outrage and confusion among the public. The incident serves as a reminder that appearances can often be deceiving, and it’s essential to consider all the facts before passing judgment.


1. Was Nana Patekar’s reaction in the video real or staged?

The video was staged as part of an upcoming movie scene, and Nana Patekar later clarified this.

2. Did Nana Patekar apologize for his actions in the video?

Nana Patekar expressed regret for any misunderstanding caused by the video and stated that he had no intention of being rude.

3. Are there any legal repercussions for the incident?

As the incident was part of a movie scene, there are no legal repercussions for Nana Patekar.

4. How did the public react to the video?

The public’s reaction was mixed, with some criticizing Nana Patekar and others understanding that it was a staged incident.

5. Will there be any further developments regarding this incident?

If any new information arises, we will keep our readers updated with the latest developments.

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