What are gantry cranes made of?

by Carter Toni

Do you know what gantry cranes are? Are you interested to know about the formation of gantry cranes? Well! We are here for your help and will tell you about it in detail.

A gantry crane is a structure that is built on top of the gantry. This strong structure can link an item with working space. There is a wide variety of gantry cranes that are small or large enough to carry small or large objects according to the need. You can use these cranes to lift automobile engines. The other best thing about cranes is that it has moveable beam and wheels. At the same time, some cranes are present on the free-standing gantry.

What is a gantry crane?

It is a form of overtopping crane that hasa horizontal bridge set on 2 legs and constructs a door frame shape. There are several industries where gantry cranes are used that are following:

  • Power field tools
  • Making and processing of instruments
  • Precasting of the cement structure
  • Lifting of different items
  • Automobile handling in the yard
  • Lifting of ships
  • Lifting of the lock gate in the hydropower station
  • Loading and unloading of material in ports
  • Lifting of different items in industries
  • Constructing and installing different items and buildings
  • Storage of wood in the storage area

If you use gantry cranes, then you don’t need the labour for work. In this way, you can enhance the conditions for the operation of the labourers. It also helps to enhance the production ability and workers’ ability to load and unload items. Gantry cranes can ensure you that your construction is top-notch and efficient.

What are gantry cranes made of?

Now, we will discuss the making of gantry cranes, and we will also tell that from which material it is made. It is a supportive structure that is specially made of the main beam and 2 supporting legs. The beam present in this structure has a supportive role in loading the trolley. The leg of this structure runs along the supportive leg.

Further, the light crane uses one beam, while the heavy crane uses two beams. A single supportive leg used in the heavy crane uses the rigid legs while the other uses the flexible one. It is important to decrease the weight and compensation of the span.


When we talk about the trolley of the crane, then you can say that the gantry crane has the same trolley as the bridge crane has. The main beam present in the crane usesan electric hoist like the trolleys, but this electric hoist is not common.

The hook used must be set in the lateral beams. The trolley is also present in different forms, and it also has a wheel that runs along the way. It also has horizontal and vertical rollers that help to prevent tilting.


The method to run the trolley is as same as the method of bridge crane running. Cranes indeed work only in the open air. So, the lower portion of the supportive legs has a rail holding instrument. If the crane is not working in the strong air, then you can hold the rail to avoid an accident in the crane.



There are two types of running states of the motor. The first is the electric state, while the other is the power generation state.

Electric state:

In the case of cranes, when you install or start the motor, then it begins converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. You can call this state the electric state.

Power generation state:

After the addition of mechanical energy into the motor shaft, the motor at this stage starts converting into electrical energy. You can call this state power generation.


A cabin is a place where the operator controls the gantry cranes. The reason is that the crane is the main hoisting part to load and unload the heavy items. The operative capability of the crane is based on the production ability. So, the need of operators is very strict such as the operator must be familiar with the following things:

  • Use of Longmen cranes
  • Instruments
  • Mode of operation
  • Lifting ability
  • An idea about maintenance and much more


There are two types of lighting; one is interior lighting, and the other is working space lighting. The following are included in the interior lighting:

  • Working area lighting
  • Electrical instrument area lighting
  • Inspection lamps

The reason forthe use of gantry cranes in the open area is that there is poor lighting condition.


Finally, we have discussed gantry cranes and their making. No doubt, people have been using many types of cranes for a long time. With the advancement in the industry, people have started using electricity to give power to the cranes. So, in this modern era, China Gantry Crane is very effective for use.

The purpose of the creation of gantry cranes is to hold all the heavy and lightweight materials. So, if you are using any small shop or a large factory, you can use gantry cranes.

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