What are Hydraulic crimping tools and their applications?

by Carter Toni

Hydraulic Crimping Tools:

These tools are fundamentally specialized pliers designed to fold and crush metals like copper and aluminum in numerous forms. We can crimp a metal object to squeeze it into a joint or into closure that is so tight it will not re-open on its own. Crimping can be an actual way to conjoin 2 pieces of metal, such as conferring a connector to the end of a cable, by re-shaping it to hold them together. Hydraulic crimping tools can be used on cable wiring, electric cables, and other types of wires. Many people like to use hydraulic crimping tools over other tools with alike applications because they are usually portable and do not take up a lot of storing space. Some find them more real and easier to use than alike tools like hammer crimps or physical crimping tools, and, dependent on the type of hydraulic crimping tool, they can be more versatile. They are especially useful to have on hand if we are dealing with larger wires or cables, as they are more powerful than their physical counterparts and make crisper and sharper corners.

What to Look in a Hydraulic Crimping Tool


For such a tool that seems as simple as hydraulic crimping tools, there is some difference to be found in these tools. A crimper that works well on, the copper wire may not necessarily work as well on wires made of a dissimilar kind of metal. Some types of hydraulic crimpers may work improved for welding or electric cables than others. We should be sure to check the images of any hydraulic crimping tool we want to buy to make sure it is compatible with the task.


Dies are the substitutable jaws of a crimping tool, the parts that touch and form the metal. The quality, form, size, and number of dies comprised with a hydraulic crimping tool will differ depending on the tool itself and the company that makes it. It is necessary to look for tools that have to die made of tough material, as they will be on the getting end of most of the wear and tear during the usage.


The strength of a hydraulic crimping tool is measured in tons and can also vary considerably. The thicker and rougher the metal we are working with, the more force we will need from your hydraulic crimping tool. 5 – 8 tons is a pretty standard level of force and so if we are going to use the tool on a tougher metal like aluminum or steel, we will want to buy a crimper that’s in the 12 – 16 ton range.

Types of hydraulic crimping tools             

HYCLAT Hydraulic Crimping Tool

This tool is a yellow and black tool with an open yellow plastic carrying case with a few metals dies. The hydraulic crimping toolset has a top-notch design and a lot of power. The crimper will work on an extensive range of cables and wires, counting but not limited to battery cables, power wires, and electrical cables. It can cut both the hard and soft metals, with actual effect on aluminum and copper wires from 12 AWG – 20 AWG in size. This crimping tool has a very supreme crimping power of about 10 tons and also has a good crimping range of about 4 – 70 square millimeters. The set comes with eleven different dies in 11 different sizes for a further range of applications. The dies slide into the sideways of a C-style head to make it cooler for you to switch them in and out as wanted. The crimper head can rotate up to 180 degrees, which makes it perfect for working in tight or thin spaces. The tool is made of tough steel for toughness with a PPE handle for improved grip and better safety. Both the on and off control buttons on the sides of the crimps deliver some additional safety and control, giving all an involuntary release with one quick twist.

TEMCo Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimper

This black and blue crimping tool has a blue plastic carrying case and 18 black dies too. This is a definitive hydraulic crimping tool with new and better features. If you often find yourself needing to crease or pinch welding cables in DIY projects, consider investing in this crimper and supplementary kit. The new design structures a tool that smears consistent pressure across all sides as well as battles for high pull-out. It can crimp all the battery cables, welding cables, and terminal lugs, including weighty cast lugs. Besides the matching carrying case, the tool comes with 32 dies, counting 9 standard-sized options of 12 – 20 AWG and 9 plus-sized ones best suitable for thin wall terminals and lugs. Each die is printed with its size for your suitability and to meet industry values and is coated in black oxide to stop chipping and flaking over long-term use.

IWISS Cable Lug Crimping Tool for Heavyweight Duty Wire Lugs

This chrome crimping tool comes with blue handles and black accents beside 3 copper lugs. This highly secure hydraulic crimping tool with topographies that make it well suitable for crimping electric cables, battery stations, and some other types of electronic work. The high-precision jaw safeguards the tightest possible connection with all the weight you need to get the job done. It has 6 different crimp dies that you can switch in and out as wanted, dependent on the task at hand. The rotating dies are hexangular in shape and treated with wire EDM cutting, which makes them more precise than regular casting dies. Both the crimp itself and the dies are made of high-quality carbon steel for supreme toughness and durability. The metal plate on the big crimping head is specially thickened and reinforced to safeguard the longest possible service life. It also has an outstanding ergonomic, non-slip handle that gives you a very nice and comfortable grip that reduces all the fatigue during use.

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