What Are the Different Types of ATMs That Exist Today?

by Carter Toni

ATMs That Exist Today

Not all ATMs are equal these days.

Many people who rely on ATMs as part of their daily routine do not typically pay much attention to the different types of ATMs that exist today. There are two basic categories into which almost every ATM falls: an older model and a newer, more advanced model.

Here are the many different types of ATMs that you can find in your city today:

1. The Old-School ATM

This is typically what most people picture when they think of an ATM.

When you walk up to one of these, there is usually a screen where you may either type in your card or swipe it. Then, there are usually keys on the keypad where you select which option you would like to choose from.

For example, if you were to choose the withdrawal option, it would probably direct you through a series of questions such as:

1) How much cash do you want?

2) Would you like to receive your cash in $20 bills, $50 bills, or $100 bills?

3) Would you like a receipt?

This is a pretty familiar experience.

2. The Drive-Thru ATM

You may have seen these in some parking lots or outside of stores and gas stations.

These can either be inside of a building attached to a wall or attached to the exterior of the building as well. You simply pull up to the drive-thru ATM, select your option and enter your PIN.

This is useful because you do not have to go inside the building, and can access services outside of normal hours. For example, if you work 10 hours a day and miss a bank’s operating hours, you might not be able to do your daily banking.

3. The Tablet ATM

This type of ATM is becoming more and more common in cities across Canada and the United States. That’s simply because it is a very easy way for people to withdraw cash or check their balance.

You can sometimes find tablets attached to a traditional ATM, but don’t be intimidated. The user interface makes it simple for anyone to use. For example, a tablet ATM may be a touch screen that can either accept your PIN or simply ask if you would like to withdraw cash.

4. The Bitcoin ATM

You can find this type of ATM in many cities where people are looking to exchange cash for digital currency. These are increasingly popular because there are many benefits to using bitcoin.

It is easier to transfer, you can pay for anything anonymously, and there are no processing fees. To learn even more about Bitcoin, check out some of this helpful information.

There Are Many Types of ATMs in Your City

Now you know a few of the most common types of ATMs.

However, if you would like to find an ATM in your city, it can as simple as a Google search. Just be sure to use a machine that you’re most comfortable with.

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