What are the Do’s & Don’ts of Persian Cats?

by Carter Toni

Do you already own a Persian cat? Well, this is a great choice. No wonder Persian cats are one of the most favorite among cat enthusiasts, but only when you take proper care will you be able to retain their look and appeal.

So today, we will focus on finding a way to groom a Persian cat. All you need is to keep in mind that Persian cats are highly in demand because of their thick fur that makes them look fluffy. They would need experienced hands to groom them as they are hard to groom.

Their flat faces and gorgeous coats are the prime reasons why they could appeal to a large number of audience. They are the purebred of their own species and which is again a reason why they are available at a huge price tag.

While most feline breeds are self groomers, you have to groom them regularly to maintain their attractive looks. So, to help you more, here we will have a look into the do’s and don’ts of Persian cats. When you keep this in mind while grooming, you will definitely be able to enjoy a great outcome.

What should you DO?

Trim their nails:

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should maintain the claw length. This is a vital aspect of any cats’ grooming session. In case the cat nails stay for long, chances are there that they would get stuck in the objects and furniture. Most commonly, it can result in harming the drapes, clothing, carpets, blankets and much more.

Even there are chances that if they pull harder than required, it can take away their nails and cause pain, discomfort and bleeding. So, every time, when you think of grooming, you should keep trimming their nails as the vital part of their grooming.

Clean their Ears:

Do you check their ears? Most probably not! Well, this is something that you must not avoid checking. Chances are there that they have debris accumulation and develop an infection. Thus, every time you groom a Persian, you have to clean their ears and prevent ear mites, infections and their issues.

Comb your cat:

One of the most common and vital things that you must do regularly is brushing their teeth. This can be extremely beneficial for you to avoid matting. Since Persians have thick furs, you have to comb them regularly to avoid too much falling off their fur. Starting from the base of their hair, you must start brushing their hair and make sure that you get rid of all the loose hairs.

Combing is also beneficial and getting rid of debris. So, make sure that you are using a wide-tooth comb and brush them regularly to make sure that they do not have too much fall.


You must know that since they are long-haired, there is a need for them to brush one in a month. You can get an idea about them from the Persian cat breeder. Choose Mummy Cat as they can offer you the perfect knowledge. Use a proper cat shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine.

What you Must NOT?

You must not cut their whiskers:

Since whiskers are a form of receptors, you should make sure that you are not cutting them. These hair-like structures can help them understand imbalance, airflow changes, movements, or foreign objects.

Don’t use hot water:

Since cats are temperature sensitive, you should be very mindful. You can use lukewarm water but not hot water.

Bottom Line: So now that you have gained some understanding of the do’s and don’ts of Persian cats, it is time that you start grooming. Choose Mummy Cat if you want to get the best Persian cat price in India. They have a huge variety and thus help you acquire the best pet for your home.

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