What Are The Main HR Softwares Systems Like An HRMS In India?

by Sean Dixon

With the digital expansion over the last few decades, businesses have realised that leveraging technology can save valuable resources like time and money. Traditionally HR was an administrative role that handled a lot of time-consuming paperwork. HR teams provided functions from discovering skilled and talented employees to management training services, employee training opportunities and much more. Also, its varied roles serve as a supportive background for the business. Human resources aid businesses in getting the most out of the workforce, which is typically the highest expense for most enterprises. However, with the use of technology, a lot of these functions have been made easy. There are many HR system software like:

  1. a) Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  2. b) Human Capital Management (HCM)
  3. c) Human Resource Management System

Initially, there was a lot of scepticism around this. No one could believe that software would be able to handle the various loads of an HR department, but as time went on, companies started to see the benefits of having human resource system software. For example, HRMS in India is growing exponentially with leaders like uKnowva at the forefront, offering core HR duties and Workflow automation services, ensuring that companies can have a thriving and vibrant workforce. This blog will cover the various HR system software and the functions they can provide for your company.

Main HR Software Systems Like HRMS In India Are:

Human Resource Information system

A human resource information system or HRIS is essentially an interface between human resources and information technology through HR software. The purpose of HRIS software is to manage employee information, policies, and procedures. This enables digital HR operations and activities to be conducted with ease.

HRIS is a mechanism for storing information and is used by companies of all sizes to manage various tasks through software, including payroll, accounting, and human resources. As a result, an HRIS enables a business to plan, manage, and control its HR costs without having to devote excessive resources to them.

A company’s human resources division is extremely important for overall organisational growth. By giving human resources departments the appropriate tools and resources for automation and employee management, HRIS has been shown to support firms in operating at their best. To increase productivity and the outcomes of their work, human resources managers and HR Teams can use HRIS to their advantage.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

By efficiently automating and streamlining operations, human capital management software provides a variety of tools to aid in the hiring, monitoring, and development of the workforce. HCM’s software’s fundamental objective is to strengthen the workforce. A few essential services offered by HCM software are hiring, onboarding, training, employee growth and performance management. In addition, it has been shown that tracking time and attendance with an HCM solution reduces the risk of labour disputes and compliance violations while preventing payroll overpayment and assisting in the appropriate computation of tax payments.

With HCM software, employees can get information to check their work schedules and progress, making it easy to schedule shifts and vacations. The employee candidates recruited with HCM are a better fit for the organisation because HCM software makes sure that a candidate hire is in line with a company’s primary goals.

Additionally, HCM employees are trained regularly and put into places best suited to their capabilities. The fact that staff are constantly being taught about the next stage makes succession planning an easy task for the HR team.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

With HRIS and HCM software already in place, HR teams realised that they could benefit from software with the advantages of HRIS and HCM. With this, human resource management software was born. However, not all HRMS in India provides an organisation with a progressive talent management component because the HRMS market is so large and covers a wide variety of workforce sizes and functional requirements.

This may not be feasible for companies as they want HRMS software that can handle all the functions of an HRIS and HCM. With the vision of extending collaboration and building innovative HR solutions for today’s world, uKnowva has made great strides in the HRMS field.

Known today as India’s best HRMS software, uKnowva provides a variety of features like candidate sourcing, payroll administration, leave authorization, succession planning, attendance monitoring, career advancement, performance evaluations, general employee data management and many others that you wouldn’t otherwise find in an HR Management system.

The uKnowva HRMS is the best workflow automation tool for every business and company in India because of its fully scalable and customisable features. Companies can literally set up their own instance on uKnowva and add features or integrations using the uKnowva extension store. Otherwise, they can add integration from the other tools they use into their existing uKnowva instance.


HR management systems or HRMS in India should ideally complement company culture and support the most vital organisational principles. uKnowva HRMS is built to help your company succeed in today’s business world by providing you with top-quality features at a cost-friendly price.

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