What is a Blow Dry Bar?  

by James Martin


A blo dry bar in Austin is very similar to a salon. However, it will focus more on the washing and styling of your hair, rather than cutting or dyeing it. Because these bars are more focused on giving you gorgeously styled hair, you get a more one-on-one experience and get to relax while getting pampered.

It is so difficult to do a blowout at home that looks flawless like when you leave the salon. This is what blow dry bars are for. Whether you have a special event coming up, an important meeting at work, or you just want to treat yourself to beautiful hair. Blow-dry bars allow you to only get your hair styled and give you a nice experience that makes you feel truly special.

Benefits of a Blow Dry Bar

Going to a blow-dry bar has even more benefits than just giving you peace of mind that you will get beautifully styled hair. Many salons offer hair styling services, as well as other services, such as brow tinting and shaping, spray tanning, and more. If you live in the Austin area, you can visit Parlor Beauty Bar and get a relaxing day by yourself or with your girlfriends. Additionally, blow-dry bars are great for getting ready for that special event.

Treat Yourself

If you, or someone you love, are having a stressful week, treat them to a nice and relaxing day at a blow-dry bar. It can be difficult to deal with the routine of the daily life stressors. Therefore, treating yourself to some much deserved “me time”, is very important. Additionally, relaxing and enjoying some time to yourself can avoid burnout, depression, and anxiety. Blow-dry bars give you a spa experience and you get out looking stunning. Remember that the people in your life need you to feel good, so treat yourself to some relaxing time when day-to-day starts to become too much.

A Girls Day Out

If you do not like to go on a spa day alone, a great option is to invite a few friends to go with you. You can all work around each other’s schedule and plan a full day of brunch and getting pampered at the blow dry bar. You must have a support group that you can talk to about life and have fun with. Rather than going to a salon, which can be expensive, a day at a blow-dry bar will be more affordable, which allows everyone to go and have fun. Additionally, blow-dry bars even offer birthday parties for everyone to look beautiful and have fun while celebrating your special day.

What Can You Get Done at a Blow Dry Bar?

At Parlor Beauty Bar we do not just offer blowouts and hairstyling. We want you to leave the salon confident and gorgeous. Our blow dry bar services include three different blowouts and dry hair styling. Additionally, we offer a blowout bash for you and your friends to get beautiful hair while sipping champagne in a private room just for you. The salon also offers eyebrow shaping and tinting, lash lifts, lash extensions, makeup application, classes, and even spray tanning. We also offer wedding services for you and your bridesmaids to look gorgeous for the big day.


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