What is Seamlesssearch? A Background Check For All Employers!

by Glenn Maxwell

Seamlesssearch.net has jumped to the top of our list as one of the most prevalent search engines that appear when we search for “background check” or “employer search”. What is this website and why should you be concerned if your prospective employer asks you to provide them with a link? Let us explain everything there is to know about seamlesssearch.net, its implications on job applications, and how to deal with it. Read on to find out more!

What Is Seamlesssearch?

Seamlesssearch.net is a website that provides information on individuals based on their name and date of birth. The primary function of the website is to allow users to “look up” individuals via their social security number (SSN). The website is owned by the company Check Solutions. The website was created by the same people who created Hireright.com, a website that offers employment and criminal checks for applicants. The primary service Seamlesssearch.net provides is a “background check”. However, there is no detailed information on what exactly is being searched.

How Does Seamlesssearch Work?

Seamlesssearch.net works based on a few assumptions. The website assumes that the individual who has entered their name and the SSN is the real person. The name and the address on the report are what the user has entered. So if you type in the wrong SSN, you will get a different result. The website works by searching through public records. The public records include court documents, bankruptcy filings, real estate records, and other publicly available government records. This means that the website will not show you what a standard background or employment search would show you. The results are “one-sided” because the website is not showing you the other side of the story. The results are either a hit or miss. You either get a result or you get a message saying “No records found”.

Is It a Scam Or Something More?

It is not a scam, but it is shady. The employees of the company have not taken steps to protect the company from being used as a scam. The website does not ask for any information from the user. The website is not verified and is not protected by security protocol. The website is public and anyone can go there and look up information based on a person’s SSN. The website is also not protected by privacy laws. The website is not a government-run website. The website is not authorized to request information from the government. Thus, it is not a government-run website. The website is providing information that is available to the public. Therefore, the information that is shown is not specific to you. Anyone can look up the same information, because it is public.

Who Uses Seamlesssearch?

The website is used by employers. The website is used as a tool for employers to check up on potential employees before they make the final decision to hire them or not. The website is also used by people who are running background checks on others. There are companies that are hired by individuals to run background checks. This is done to ensure the safety of families, employees, and the general public.

What Does This Mean For You?

The first and most obvious implication is that it is not legal. Employers are not allowed to ask for your SSN. Employers are also not allowed to request you to provide a link to Seamlesssearch.net. The federal law protects employees from discrimination against those with criminal records. You have the right to tell your employer about your criminal history, even if it is negative. You also have the right to refuse to disclose your SSN. The implications for you are that the report that you get is likely to be false. The report is not accurate, as it is based on public records. The report is also one-sided. Thus, you are not getting the full story.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By Seamlesssearch?

The first rule is to refuse to provide your SSN to your employer. The SSN is a sensitive number, and it should never be given to your employer. The next rule is to never use the Seamlesssearch.net link. If your employer asks you to “verify your information”, simply ignore that request. The last rule is to contact your lawyer and report the employer for discrimination. If the employer asks you to provide your SSN, you should refuse to do so. If the employer threatens you with losing your job, you can contact the labour board and report the employer for discrimination.


Seamlesssearch.net is a dubious website that is used by employers to run background checks on potential employees. The main issue with this website is that it is not regulated and it does not follow any standard protocol for background checks. Thus, it is likely to provide false information, particularly if the SSN does not belong to the person who was looking up the information. If you receive an offer from an employer with a link to Seamlesssearch.net, you should take a good look at the offer and question the legitimacy of the source.

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