The short answer is crystalline, the purest form of cannabis concentrates comprising a single type of cannabinoid THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). You can also find it in CBD (cannabidiol) or CBDA (cannabidiolic acid).

Crystalline forms when you refine the cannabis oil into a compound serving the base of a formulated weed product. While crystalline is a potent form, it lacks the odor and flavor of other concentrates. It also has health benefits as it is separated from the terpenes.

People also refer to it as crystals or diamonds available in a solid-state. While CBD crystalline people refer to as CBD isolate. Yet, all crystalline cannabinoid looks like refined sugar and are free of plant matter or terpenes. The terpenes give flavor and odor.

What Cannabinoids do You Find in Crystalline?

As diamonds only have one cannabinoid, you find them in CBD, CBDA, or THCA forms. Consuming cannabinoids produce no happy feeling, but it becomes intoxicating once THCA converts to THC exposed to heat.

THCA crystalline or THC diamonds used for consumption do not make you high. Nevertheless, the THC is intoxicating but not in the form of crystalline as it cannot hold the crystal structure. Therefore, people refer to it as THC crystals, but it is not a pure form.

What is a pure form is THCA that converts to THC when decarboxylation takes place through heat. Still, CBD can hold a crystalline compared to THC. That is why you see it advertised as CBD crystalline or isolate.

What Makes Crystalline So Great?

THC crystalline is potent when heated. However, it still lacks the terpenes you find in the cannabis flower. Thus, you have no flavor or aroma. It does not provide you with the same benefits such as the entourage effect without terpenes.

For example, if someone takes Durban poison cultivars to create a batch of THCA crystals or diamond extracts. Then they take Northern Lights as another batch. The final product of both provides the same effect. Therefore, when used orally, adding it to a capsule, beverages, or food dissolving it in cooking oil creates a tincture product.

On the other hand, you can dab or smoke it in a vape. Alternatively, you can combine it with your other concentrates of cannabis, such as shatter or budder.

Making Crystalline

The starting material for a THC diamond people produces from the raw plant. The process involves mixing solvents with the refined weed and applying pressure and heat to evaporate the solvent to form the crystals. Therefore, the THCA will separate from the solution under the right temperature and pressure.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, while THCA diamonds is pure form, it only becomes potent as THC when heated to give you that happy feeling. Thus, it all depends on how you want to use the THC. For example, suppose you’re going to enjoy the health benefits. In that case, we recommend using it as a powdered form to add to an empty capsule or in food. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the blissful feeling it provides, using a dab or vape is the best way to achieve this.



By James Martin

Hungry Enterpreneurs