What is web hosting and why do you need it?

by Glenn Maxwell


Website hosting is really a service needed for connecting the web site, blog, or online application around the world via internet. Furthermore, website hosting makes people access your site and causes it to be live on the web.

Every website on the web needs website hosting to make sure its presence. Therefore, you should realize that website hosting is essential to create internet viewers achieve your siteground vs dreamhost.

Website hosting companies in Pakistan for example ServerSea.pk provide space around the server where all of the files from the website are saved. In exchange, who owns the web site must spend the money for rent from the server. This really is known as website hosting.

How it’s associated with the domain?

Website name and hosting are a couple of various things and have to be understood clearly. The domain may be the name or address of the website whereas hosting may be the space in which the website’s submissions are stored.

Registration of domains is a straightforward process. Just find the best website name and register it to the online domain registration company.

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So how exactly does website hosting work?

Before moving for the hosting types, it’s good to know the mechanism behind the hosting process. Some website hosts offer cloud technology while some have physical servers in order to save the database from the websites.

The webhost offers the software and hardware essential for the web site where all of the website content including text, HTML, images, along with other details are saved. Additionally, website building sources, email options, security tools, along with other services will also be provided by the webhost that allows you to produce a wonderful website.

Hosting and it is types

While landing in the platform associated with a host company, you’ll find various hosting. You may choose them based upon the advantages of the web site as well as your budget.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is easily the most common and budget-friendly hosting. Using this type of hosting, your site will discover a shared server. Which means that one server is going to be shared among various websites.

It’s a perfect kind of hosting in the beginning. While keeping track of the traffic, bandwidth, and security from the website. So, the hosting shouldn’t limit your traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

Using this type of hosting, your site can get one person and separate server, no-one can purchase or share the particular space around the server. It is best for any site that has good traffic. Besides this, many people who wish to share the server with assorted other websites may also use dedicated hosting.

All of the sources from the server is going to be yours. It is a lot more costly therefore, you can begin having a smaller sized plan after which upgrade to some server if needed.


A Vps (VPS) is really a shared server among various websites. The host divides the person server space and sources for every website.

It’s costly however the e-commerce sites can make use of the VPS which supplies a guaranteed atmosphere for that clients. Furthermore, it’s scalable and you may upgrade with other services when needed.

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Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is the kind of hosting which supplies extra support in the webhost. You’re going to get security and management staff in the server. If you’re a busy person or unfamiliar with the technical facets of hosting. This managed hosting is perfect for you.

Which is perfect for you?

Following this brief summary of website hosting, you could possibly pick the one which is the best for your site. To get the best option, always think about the needs from the website and traffic.

Website hosting is the necessity of every website and one should select for that efficient and optimal performance. Always pick the one which provides quality services, 24/7 customer care, free SSL certificate, and cost-effective packages together with scalability options.

Conclusion Website hosting is the necessity of every website because it causes it to be live on the web. Hosting may be the service that connects your site with online users by supplying a rental server. Hosting types include shared, dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting. You may choose them based on the needs from the website.

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