What Really Happened When Drew McIntyre and LA Knight Collided? The Backstage Confrontation!

by Moore Martin

What Happened When Drew McIntyre and LA Knight Collided

What Happened When Drew McIntyre and LA Knight Collided

When Drew McIntyre and LA Knight collided, it stirred up considerable tension within the WWE universe. McIntyre, renowned as the Scottish Warrior, found himself in a heated altercation with Knight backstage, setting the stage for an intense rivalry.

The Backstage Confrontation

Knight’s disrespectful behavior ignited the confrontation when he interrupted McIntyre, hurling derogatory remarks at him. Referring to McIntyre as an “old-timer” and blaming him for past failures, Knight’s words struck a nerve, leading to a physical altercation between the two wrestlers.

Social Media Exchange

Following the backstage clash, McIntyre took to social media to address Knight’s insults. With a mix of sarcasm and wit, McIntyre highlighted the age disparity between them, amplifying the tension between the two superstars.

Focus on Elimination Chamber

Despite their personal feud, both McIntyre and Knight remained focused on their goal of winning the Elimination Chamber match. Qualifying through their respective victories, they are poised to compete alongside other top WWE superstars for a chance at the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania 40.

Who is Drew McIntyre?

Drew McIntyre, a Scottish professional wrestler, has made a significant impact in the wrestling world. His journey from the United Kingdom to WWE showcases his resilience and dedication to his craft.

Who is LA Knight?

LA Knight, an American wrestler also known as Eli Drake, has earned recognition for his charisma and talent in the ring. Despite facing setbacks, Knight’s determination has propelled him to success in various wrestling promotions.

Participation in WWE Elimination Chamber

Both McIntyre and Knight have secured their spots in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, adding excitement to the event’s lineup. With high stakes on the line, their participation promises thrilling competition for WWE fans.


The collision between Drew McIntyre and LA Knight has intensified their rivalry, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown in the WWE Elimination Chamber. As they prepare to battle alongside other top superstars, anticipation is high for the electrifying event ahead.


  1. Who is Drew McIntyre?
    Drew McIntyre is a professional wrestler known as the Scottish Warrior in WWE.
  2. What happened when Drew McIntyre and LA Knight collided?
    McIntyre and LA Knight got into a physical confrontation backstage after Knight insulted McIntyre, calling him an “old-timer.”
  3. What did LA Knight say to provoke McIntyre?
    LA Knight referred to McIntyre as an “old-timer” and blamed him for his past failures.
  4. How did McIntyre respond to Knight’s insult?
    McIntyre fired back at Knight on social media, mocking Knight’s age and highlighting the age difference between them.
  5. When is WrestleMania 40 scheduled to take place?
    WrestleMania 40 is scheduled to take place after the Elimination Chamber event.

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