What to do in Maryland

by Carter Toni

Maryland is the dream vacation home for every American.

Although relatively small, the state holds various attractions throughout its landmass, from the untouched beauty of the beaches to the heavily forested hills, breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and state parks, serene trails and the roughly layered out mountains. So, no matter the fun adventure you seek, the district is home to all and more.

The tricky part will be choosing the best options that feature Maryland’s rare glories. Why? There will always be those options that stand out.

Let’s help you narrow down your option on what to do in Maryland.

1. Mallows Bay — Nanjemoy

Located at 1440 Wilson Landing Road, Nanjemoy, MD 20662, Maryland, United States, this tourist site sits quietly like a graveyard. You would think that’s why it’s nicknamed the ship graveyard, but this National tourist site houses over 180 wrecked ships and ghost fleets to feed your adventure needs.

Things to do in Mallow Bay

You can enjoy a fun kayaking trip on Mallow Bay if you love kayaking. If you’ve never tried this activity before, you have the chance to experience it. You could also spend a scary-themed adventure day checking out the hundreds of abandoned ghost fleets. Love fishing? Then spend time on the Potomac River.

2. National Aquarium — Baltimore

Another place to visit in Maryland is one of Baltimore’s most sought-after tourist attractions, the National Aquarium, which is situated at 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States.

This tourist site holds national significance not just because it houses over 15,000 sea creatures from sharks to jellyfish, bugs, amphibians, reptiles, and fishes of different species, but also because its architecture stands out with the magnificent curvy tunnels which allow you to live your underwater dream—however, the biodiversity of marine creatures’ males this aquarium the jewel of Baltimore harbor.

Things to Do in the National Aquarium

Explore the vivid marine life the aquarium offers and learn more about the tropical habitats.

3. Salisbury Zoo — Salisbury

Nestled deep in the Salisbury’s Delmarva Peninsula, Salisbury Zoological park covers 12-acres of landmass with wildlife species from North and Southern Parts of America and Australia.

People may feel that this zoo has nothing special to offer because of its small size. But, you can explore every corner of the naturalistic landmass and find several reptiles, birds and other fascinating land creatures native to different parts of America.

Things to Do in Salisbury Zoo

Wear some light clothes and enjoy a fun-filled day watching different animals you’ve never seen before, from the Pink Flamingo to the North American Bison and other breathtaking birds.

4. Brookside Gardens — Wheaton

Spanning over 50-acres of land, Brookside Gardens is perhaps one of the largest regional parks in the small city of Maryland. But, one factor that makes you enjoy this site is that it has a scenic and romance-themed vibe tourist couples will find to their taste.

Things to do in Brookside Garden

Walk the trails of the scenic garden and enjoy a romantic oasis perfect for a lover’s stroll. In the eye-catching magical-themed park, you’ll find breathtaking plant species that leave a remarkable impression.

5. Baltimore Museum of Art — Baltimore

The Baltimore Museum of Art is a must-see if you’re an art lover.

Housing over 90,000 19th century art pieces from all over the world, including Asia and Africa, the Baltimore Museum of Art can be considered Maryland’s largest art museum.

Things to do in Baltimore Museum of Art

Explore the magnificent art collections to see unrivaled masterpieces by art legends like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and even Paul Cezanne. You can even find some of the rarest art pieces of Andy Warhol.

6. Schifferstadt Architectural Museum — Frederick

What makes this architectural museum outstanding is itslong-standing history.

The Schifferstadt Architectural Museum n Fredrick is one of the oldest buildings in the district, dating back to 1758. This record makes the building one of the most sought-after destinations for touring.

The building showcases the richest part of German Colonial architecture. The households’ unique architectural style and history make it possible for the museum to be listed as a historical landmark in America.

Things to do in Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

If you’re planning a trip to Fredrick between April and October, you’re in for luck because this museum only opens in summer. You get to enjoy the year festive activities, while enjoying a mouth-watering German meal you’ve never tasted before.

7. The Awakening at National Harbor — Oxon Hill

One other must-see place in Maryland is the national harbor. Here, you’ll find the 72-foot magnificent statue housed in the nation’s capital for more than 30 years. This magnificent piece reveals a giant coming out from the ground.

Things to do at the National Harbor

With the immense size of the giant and its breathtakingly beautiful design, you’ll find the perfect angle to take your memorable travel pictures.

8. United States Naval Academy — Annapolis

Ever been to a campus spread over 338-acre of land? The United States Naval Academy opened in 1845 and is the second oldest of America’s five service institutions. Here, you’ll find artifacts and memorabilia like uniforms and medals of the legendary US naval offices.

Things to do in the United State Naval Academy

Tourists can go on a self-tour through the museum. If you’re a history fan, you’ll be able to explore US naval history. Apart from this, numerous musical performances are held year-round, and you’ll get the chance to watch the Naval Academy Band perform.

9. Ocean City Beach — Ocean City

Planning a summer vacation? Maryland’s Ocean City Beach is the ultimate destination for you. This beach stretches along the Fenwick east coast Island. With over 10miles of sand and sea bodies, the beach offers a friendly ambiance for couples and families.

Things to do in Ocean City Beach

The vibrant beach offers you an interesting view of the seafront. You’ll also find long sandy trails that help you relax when you need to. Ocean City Beach is the perfect relaxing escape during summer.


Maryland is a small state, no doubt. However, it offers some of the best tourist destinations than most states in the US. If you’ve gone through this list and can’t find an attraction that calls your attention or you plan on moving from Boston to Maryland, visit the Stark Movers relocation company website starkmovers.com to find the right move that would make your move and tour fun. Starkmovers helps make moving to a new city possible.

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