What to Do in Tokyo: 8 Cool Sights!

by Glenn Maxwell

From stocking up on vintage computer games to Tokyo’s busiest intersection. Are you going to Tokyo soon and looking for things to do (there’s just too much!). For some sights, you have to like a bit of gaming. And of course, we also have good eating tips and here you will find a number of must-see sights in Tokyo that you simply want to visit. On this page, we will share our top best things to do during a city trip to Tokyo.

1.   Experience the World Behind VR Glasses

One of our favourite pastimes is gaming. And in Tokyo, of course, we had to go to a Virtuality hall. You have plenty of options in Tokyo when it comes to virtual gaming, but we visited the VR Park Tokyo in Shibuya. There are about ten kinds of VR attractions in this park, such as shooting games, and horror houses, and our favourite was the flying carpet. Also, you can play online poker on your smartphone or tablet but make sure that you have a stable internet connection. The bizarre thing is that you really have the feeling that you have to hold on to the carpet because otherwise, you will fall (yes, but only 40 cm).

The ticket allows you to play as many of the ten games within 90 minutes. The ticket costs per adult ¥ 2900 (approx. €23).

2.   Visit the Fish Auction at Toyosu Market

At Toyosu Market – previously Tsukiji Fish Market – tons of fresh fish come in every day for auction. You have to get up early to see the auction for this attraction, but it is certainly a special experience. In addition, you have the option to have breakfast with fresh fish, something you should do in Tokyo of course. The market is one of the more famous sights of Tokyo so get up early!

3.   Have a Game or Do Some Shopping in Akihabara’s Gaming District

Akihabara is a mecca for game lovers. It was the first neighbourhood we visited in Tokyo and we went there several times in our ten days in Tokyo. You can really disappear for a whole day in this district and lose time. From Mario karting to grappling machines, buying used games and viewing anime dolls. Oh and if you see a door open and you suddenly hear a lot of clanging, that’s a Pachinko hall. Dozens of Japanese sit in front of a machine with hundreds of iron balls next to them. And it makes a noise. Bizarre to see.

Some of our favourite go-to’s in Akihabara:

  • Super Potato is the shop for your second-hand games, consoles and fun gaming gadgets. You can get used gameboys here, buy Kirby merchandise and much more. In Tokyo, you will find several branches of Super Potatoes. Do you end your trip in, for example, Osaka? There is also a Super Potato branch in Osaka.
  • Taito Stations can be found in almost every city in Japan and also in Akihabara. This is the place to play Arcade games, and slot machines and have your picture was taken in a Japanese photo booth (Purikura)!

4.   Take a Kawaii Photo With Your Friend in a Japanese Photo Booth

Purikura, or Japanese photo boots, are photo booths where you can have pictures of yourself taken. But these are not ordinary photos. You can edit your photo and add all kinds of items, such as manga eyes, and draw on the photos. Doesn’t my friend look great? (LOL)

You can’t leave Japan without taking a Kawai (Cute) photo in such a booth. The possibilities are endless (warn your friend, because you’ll never get out of here.)

Purikura no Mecca (“Purikura Mecca”), is the most famous photo booth in Japan and can be found in Shibuya.

Ps men who are alone or in groups are not allowed in! (It is also a little bit strange all those men who want to take such a picture :P).

5.   Have Sushi Delivered by Monorail

Japan isn’t the country where you can’t eat sushi (unless you don’t like fish, which is annoying). Fortunately, there is plenty to do. But are you crazy about sushi?

One of the funniest places to eat is at a restaurant where you can order sushi on a tablet, where the food comes rushed to you on a sort of conveyor belt.

It saves you communicating (because ordering sushi in Japanese is sometimes a bit difficult).

We ate at such a band in the Toshima district, but I can’t remember the name of this restaurant. In fact, I don’t remember exactly where your restaurant is. Prepare yourself for many floors. Sometimes the GPS points you to the place and then you have to find which floor you should be on, and yes that can also be underground.

Fortunately, there is also a chain, called Genki Sushi, which can be found in several locations in Tokyo. This one has a conveyor belt and tablets anyway.

6.   Cross the Busiest Intersection in the World

The Shibuya Crossing is one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks. It is the busiest intersection in the world. All pedestrians may cross the road at the same time. The best place to view the intersection is Starbucks. You can immediately rest after a hectic day in Tokyo. Incidentally, this intersection appears in many films such as Lost in Translation and Fast & The Furious, Tokyo Drift. For the fans!

7.   Crying at the Dog Hachiko

Fans of the movie Hachiko can visit the dog statue near the Shibuya crossing. Hachiko is a dog that walked with its owner to the station every working day. There he waited for his owner to walk back home. When the owner suddenly died, Hachiko kept waiting for his owner. So sad! The statue of Hachiko can be found opposite the Station, near the Shibuya Crossing. To cry!

8.   Eat a Fried Octopus

Takoyaki is a popular Japanese dish that you must try. Takoyaki means fried octopus! They are fried balls filled with octopus, ginger, spring onions and pieces of tempura. There is also a special takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. The dish is originally from Osaka, but you can find it all over Japan. In Tokyo, for example, you can find takoyaki near or in Ueno Park, where they sell.

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