When is WPL 2024 Auction? When is the WPL 2024 Auction Date?

by Moore Martin

When is WPL 2024 Auction

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 auction is an eagerly awaited event in the world of cricket. Scheduled for December 9, 2023, at 2:30 PM Indian Standard Time in the vibrant city of Mumbai, it promises to be a thrilling and competitive affair. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the WPL 2024 auction, including its schedule, live streaming options, and the list of players who will be up for grabs.

A Gateway to Excitement

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 Auction is more than just an event; it’s the gateway to an exciting phase in women’s cricket. Scheduled for December 9, 2023, at 2:30 PM IST, it will take place in the cricket-loving city of Mumbai. The anticipation is building as teams gear up to strategically acquire players, setting the stage for a competitive and thrilling upcoming season. As the clock ticks down to the auction, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of team strategies and the inclusion of standout players.

Catch the Action Live

For those who can’t be at the auction venue in person, there are plenty of ways to catch the action live. In India, the auction will be broadcast on Sports18 and Sports18 HD channels on TV. Simultaneously, the auction will be streamed live at no cost on the JioCinema app and website. This comprehensive live coverage ensures that fans don’t miss out on the electrifying moments of bids, acquisitions, and team selections.

First Name Country
Maia Bouchier England
Bharti Fulmali India
Veda Krishnamurthy India
Phoebe Litchfield Australia
Mona Meshram India
Priya Punia India
Punam Raut India
Naomi Stalenberg Australia
Dani Wyatt England
Chamari Athapaththu Sri Lanka
Nadine De Klerk South Africa
Deandra Dottin West Indies
Danielle Gibson England
S. Meghana India
Meghna Singh India
Annabel Sutherland Australia
Devika Vaidya India
Georgia Wareham Australia
Tammy Beaumont England
Bess Heath England
Amy Jones England
Nuzhat Parween India
Sushma Verma India
Simran Bahadur India
Shamilia Connell West Indies
Kate Cross England
Kim Garth Australia
Shabnim Ismail South Africa
Lea Tahuhu New Zealand
Ekta Bisht India
Preeti Bose India
Alana King Australia
Inoka Ranaweera Sri Lanka
Gouher Sultana India
Amanda-Jade Wellington Australia
Ridhima Aggarwal India
Jasia Akhter India
Vrinda Dinesh India
G. Divya India
Arushi Goel India
Najla C M C India
Georgia Adams England
Priti Yadav India
Isani Vaghela USA
Heather Siegers Netherland
Sayali Satghare India
Prema Rawat India
Esha Oza UAE
Janhvi Kate India
Renuka Chaudhari India
Neelam Bisht India
Medhavi Bidhuri India
Keerthana Balakrishnan India
Sundaresan Anusha India
Maya Sonawane India
Aditi Chauhan India
Komalpreet Kour India
Tara Norris USA
Rekha Singh India
Komal Zanzad India
Amisha Bahukhandi India
Priya Mishra India
Perunika Sisodia India
Sonam Yadav India
Sunanda Yerekar India
Aaliyah Alleyne West Indies
Erin Burns Australia
Nicola Carey Australia
Prathyusha Challuru India
Alice Davidson Richards England
Chinelle Henry West Indies
Mansi Joshi India
Arlene Kelly Ireland
Sophie Molineux Australia

Timing Is Crucial

Mark your calendars for December 9, 2023, at 2:30 PM IST as the Women’s Premier League 2024 auction kicks off. But that’s not all; the excitement begins even earlier with a pre-show starting at 2:00 PM IST. This prelude heightens the anticipation for the proceedings ahead. It’s a crucial moment when teams aim to secure the best players, making every minute of the auction a gripping spectacle for cricket enthusiasts.

A Star-Studded Player List

The roster for the WPL 2024 auction is a star-studded affair, comprising 165 players, including both national and international cricket talents. Among them, 61 players hail from overseas, with 15 representing associate nations. The list includes various renowned names vying for selection in the league’s five franchises. The diversity of talent on display promises an intense and competitive auction.

Setting the Stage for the Tournament

The WPL 2024 auction is not just an isolated event; it sets the stage for the tournament itself. The tournament is anticipated to take place between February and March the following year, and the auction plays a pivotal role in team compositions. With the auction determining which players go to which teams, it sets the tone for an exciting tournament featuring competitive cricket. The fans can expect thrilling matches and fierce competition as teams strive to claim the title.


1. When is the WPL 2024 Auction Date?

The WPL 2024 Auction is set for December 9, 2023.

2. Where can I watch the WPL Auction 2024 Live?

Catch the live action on Sports 18 and Sports 18 HD channels on TV or stream it for free on the JioCinema app and website.

3. What time does the WPL 2024 Auction start?

The auction begins at 2:30 PM IST with a pre-show starting at 2:00 PM IST.

4. Who are some notable players in the WPL Auction 2024?

Notable players include Deandra Dottin, Kim Garth, Chamari Athapaththu, among others.

5. When will WPL 2024 matches commence?

Matches for WPL 2024 are slated to start in February-March of the subsequent year.

In conclusion, the Women’s Premier League 2024 auction is a pivotal event in women’s cricket, offering fans a glimpse into the exciting season ahead. With top-notch players up for grabs, live streaming options available, and a thrilling tournament on the horizon, cricket enthusiasts have much to look forward to. Don’t miss the action on December 9, 2023, as the WPL 2024 auction unfolds.

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