Where is Dexter Lumis Now? What Really Happened to Dexter Lumis?

by Moore Martin

Where is Dexter Lumis Now

WWE star Dexter Lumis, absent for 189 days, has reportedly been at home without a clear storyline from the company, while actively engaging in wrestling by founding his own school.


Dexter Lumis, a WWE star, has been missing from the ring for 189 days since his last appearance on May 29, 2023. Despite a push on the main roster and a feud against The Miz, Lumis disappeared without a clear storyline. Reports suggest he is currently at home, with WWE not having plans for his return. Lumis was seen teasing a potential team-up with fellow NXT members, but it never materialized on the main roster.

Full Name Samuel Robert Shaw
Ring Name Dexter Lumis
Date of Birth January 17, 1984
Birthplace Jacksonville, Florida, USA
High School Allen D. Nease High School, St. Augustine, Florida
College Savannah College of Art and Design (Graduated in 2006)
Net Worth Estimated at around $4 million

Lumis’s Wrestling Journey

Who is Dexter Lumis? Samuel Robert Shaw is an American professional wrestler known as Dexter Lumis in WWE. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, he began his wrestling career in 2007 on the independent circuit. Shaw joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2010, where he competed as Sam Shaw and Samuel Shaw until 2015. During his TNA tenure, he won the TNA Gut Check challenge in 2012 and spent time in the developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.

After leaving TNA in 2015, Shaw returned to the independent wrestling scene for five years before signing with WWE in 2019. Despite being released in April 2022, he returned to the independent circuit briefly and rejoined WWE in August 2022. Currently performing on the Raw brand, Shaw’s wrestling journey has seen him navigate both independent promotions and major wrestling organizations.

Lumis’s Personal Life

As of 2023, Dexter Lumis is 39 years old. He was born on January 17, 1984, in Jacksonville, Florida. Samuel Robert Shaw grew up attending Allen D. Nease High School in St. Augustine. He later graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. Initially working as an illustrator at Universal Studios in Orlando, Shaw eventually returned to Jacksonville.

There, he started drawing caricatures at the Riverside Arts Market and created a side business crafting “pet ornaments” by illustrating people’s pets on Christmas decorations. This artistic journey followed his educational pursuits and led him from his hometown to Orlando before settling back in Jacksonville. Shaw’s diverse skills and experiences, from art and illustration to wrestling, showcase a multifaceted individual with a creative background.

Lumis’s Career in WWE

Samuel Robert Shaw, also known as Dexter Lumis in WWE, started his wrestling journey in 2007 after training at WWA4 Wrestling School. He wrestled on the independent circuit before joining Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2010, where he underwent the Gut Check challenge. Shaw then spent time in TNA’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, before adopting the persona of Samuel Shaw. His TNA tenure featured storylines with Christy Hemme and a brief alignment with Brittany.

After leaving TNA in 2015, Shaw ventured into the independent circuit until signing with WWE in 2019. Debuting as Dexter Lumis, he had a notable run in NXT, participating in storylines involving The Undisputed Era and The Way faction. Lumis was released from WWE in April 2022 but made a surprise return to Raw in August 2022. His current WWE storyline involves interactions with The Miz and ongoing appearances in NXT.

Lumis’s Net Worth

Dexter Lumis, the WWE wrestler, is believed to have a net worth of approximately $4 million. This estimation takes into account his earnings from his wrestling career and other ventures. Lumis, also known as Samuel Shaw, began his professional wrestling journey in 2007 and has since made a mark in various promotions, including Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and WWE.

His net worth reflects his financial success in the world of professional wrestling. Apart from his in-ring activities, Lumis has engaged in additional projects, contributing to his overall financial standing. While net worth estimates can vary, the $4 million figure highlights the financial achievements and stability that Lumis has gained throughout his career in the wrestling industry.

The Mystery Surrounding Lumis’s Absence

Dexter Lumis, a WWE star, has been absent from the ring for 189 days after his last appearance on May 29, 2023. Despite a push on the main roster, he disappeared without a clear storyline, and recent reports indicate he is currently at home with no plans for his return. Lumis has been active outside WWE, establishing his own wrestling school, leaving fans curious about when he will make a comeback and what role he will play upon his return.


  1. Where is Dexter Lumis currently in the WWE? Dexter Lumis has been absent from WWE for 189 days as of now, with reports suggesting he is at home without a specified storyline from the company.
  2. What was Lumis’s last appearance and match in WWE before his absence? Lumis was last seen in a match against Akira Tozawa on an episode of Main Event on May 29, 2023.
  3. Why did Dexter Lumis disappear from WWE, and what is his current status? Lumis’s absence is attributed to WWE not having a storyline for him. As of now, he is reportedly at home, and there is no clarity on when he will return to the ring.
  4. What has Dexter Lumis been doing during his time away from WWE? While away, Lumis has founded his own wrestling school, showcasing his continued involvement and contribution to the wrestling community.
  5. What is Dexter Lumis’s net worth? Dexter Lumis’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, reflecting his financial success in the wrestling industry.

In conclusion, the whereabouts of Dexter Lumis remain a mystery as he continues to be absent from WWE television. Fans eagerly anticipate his return, and his venture into running his own wrestling school has added an extra layer of intrigue to his comeback story. As of now, we can only speculate about when and how he will make his triumphant return to the world of professional wrestling.

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