Where To Watch Velakkari Web Series? Check Cast, Release Date And Trailer!

by Moore Martin

Where To Watch Velakkari Web Series

The entertainment industry has been witnessing a revolution in recent years, and one of the most significant changes has been the rise of web series. These series, often with intriguing storylines and talented casts, have been capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. One such series that’s creating a buzz is the Malayalam web series, “Velakkari.” In this article, we will delve into the details of where to watch the Velakkari web series, its cast, release date, and more.

Where To Watch Velakkari Web Series

Velakkari, the new Malayalam web series, has piqued the interest of the public. The series’ trailer has left viewers eager for its release, as they anticipate watching their favorite stars on screen. What’s remarkable is that the appeal of web series extends beyond language barriers, and Velakkari is no exception. Even for those who may not be familiar with Malayalam, the anticipation for this series is real.

Release Date of Velakkari Web Series

Velakkari is set to make its debut with the release of its first episode on **October 20, 2023**. Produced by **Boomex App** and directed by **Boomex Manu**, this series promises to be a treat for viewers. While some fans are eager to learn more about the main cast, it seems that information about the leading actors is still somewhat under wraps. However, it’s confirmed that **Ranjana Arora** will be featuring in this much-anticipated series.

Cast of Velakkari Web Series

Though not much is known about the complete cast, the mere presence of Ranjana Arora has generated significant excitement among fans. As more information becomes available, fans can look forward to discovering the talented actors who will be bringing this captivating story to life.

The Storyline of Velakkari Web Series

The heart of Velakkari’s storyline revolves around the unique relationship between a housemaid and a young boy. The poster itself hints at the captivating narrative, with the housemaid sleeping and the young boy sitting nearby. The series explores the theme of an unexpected romance between the young boy and his housemaid, which develops during his extended leave. This romantic plot promises to be both heartwarming and engaging.

The Popularity of Web Series

Web series have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. They offer viewers a fresh, episodic storytelling experience that can be enjoyed at their own pace. The flexibility to watch web series on different devices and the ability to explore a variety of genres are significant factors driving their appeal.

The Appeal of Velakkari Web Series

Velakkari’s appeal lies in its intriguing storyline and the anticipation of witnessing a unique and heartwarming romantic tale. Despite being in Malayalam, it has garnered the attention of a diverse audience, showcasing the universal appeal of love and relationships.

Watching Velakkari on the Boomex App

For those eager to watch the Malayalam Web Series Velakkari, you can do so by downloading the **Boomex App**. This user-friendly platform will make it convenient for viewers to catch all the episodes of this much-anticipated series.


In a world where web series have become a global phenomenon, Velakkari promises to be a standout production. Its unique storyline, talented cast, and the ability to transcend language barriers have created immense excitement among viewers. The release of the first episode on **October 20, 2023**, is eagerly awaited. To catch all the romance and drama, simply download the **Boomex App**, and stay tuned for further updates on this captivating web series.


1. Is Velakkari only available in Malayalam?

– While the series is primarily in Malayalam, subtitles may be available to cater to a broader audience.

2. Where can I watch Velakkari if I don’t speak Malayalam?

– The series can be enjoyed with subtitles on the Boomex App.

3. Are there any other notable actors in Velakkari apart from Ranjana Arora?

– The complete cast list is yet to be revealed, but the series is generating excitement with Ranjana Arora’s involvement.

4. Is Velakkari suitable for all age groups?

– It’s essential to check the age rating, as content may be suitable for specific age groups.

5. Can I binge-watch Velakkari on the Boomex App?

– Yes, once the series is released, you can binge-watch it at your convenience on the Boomex App

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