Which Is Better – Natural Latex Mattress Or Synthetic Latex Mattress!

by Glenn Maxwell

Synthetic latex mattresses and natural latex mattresses are the two top mattresses that are widely sold in the market. Deciding between the best one from them is a little difficult. 

There are certain areas wherein the mattresses differ from each other. In this article, we are going to look at their pros and cons and distinct differences that heavily impact the buying decision.

What Is A Natural Latex Mattress?

These mattresses are made of natural and raw liquid latex material that is obtained from a sapling of tropical rubber trees. This material is then transformed into foam. It is devoid of synthetic latex and chemicals, that includes Styrene Butadiene Rubber.

Natural latex is popular for its resilience, durability, and lasting support. It is resistant to dust mites, and also antimicrobial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic. 

The price of natural latex is dependent on the purity of the material. It also depends on the number of fillers added to it to enhance its life. Due to the stretchability of natural latex, the mattresses made using it offers a high amount of pressure relief as well as postural support to the sleeper.

When choosing a natural latex mattress, ensure that it doesn’t contain “fillers” such as calcium oxide, titanium dioxide, or clay. They reduce the integrity and durability of the latex material. 

What Is A Synthetic Latex Mattress?

Synthetic latex is also called by a few other names such as memory foam or polyurethane foam. It is a man-made version of pure latex, made from petrochemicals such as Styrene and Butadiene and mixed with varying amounts of pure/natural latex. 

  • Unlike natural latex, synthetic latex has the property to break down at a quick rate than natural latex. It may also show a tendency to release chemicals contained in the mattress. 
  • Synthetic latex material has issues concerning moisture that can lead to the development of mold, dust mites, and mildew with passing time. Due to this reason, synthetic latex is seen to have low durability. 
  • In terms of price, mattresses made of synthetic latex are more affordable than the ones made of natural latex. However, the cost of synthetic latex is dependent on the commodity pricing of crude oil. 
  • As this latex is less elastic than the natural one, it requires a lot of force to tear. The lack of elasticity makes it stiff and rigid. In this way, the extreme firmness of the material fails to offer the necessary support to the sleeper.

What is Blended Latex?

Due to the high price of natural latex mattresses, many people could not afford them. Blended latex shows the properties of a natural latex at an affordable price. Let us look at its features in detail.  

  • Blended latex is a blend of the synthetic and natural forms of latex material. 
  • These blends contain anywhere from 15% to 25% natural latex and the rest is synthetic latex. 
  • Due to this composition, mattresses that are made from blended latex derive attributes of natural and synthetic latex such as elasticity (natural latex) and strength (synthetic latex).
  • Blends are commonly marketed for their natural latex material that is available at a lesser price than a completely natural product. 

What is Organic Latex?

Organic latex is another variant of latex material. Let us have a look at its features:

  • Organic latex is viewed as the cleanest and healthiest latex that you can find on the earth
  • Plantations are separated and preserved without the requirement of chemical pesticides.
  • Only four latex factories all over the world are certified to manufacture it. 
  • Organic latex is 100% natural latex.
  • It gives the same sleep performance and feels like that of natural latex
  • This form of best mattress is harvested using traditional methods while adhering to strict organic practices. 


Latex-based bedding products such as mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers have been around in the market for over a century. Nowadays different formulations of latex are used to create bedding products. 

People who are looking to replace a mattress should opt for a natural latex mattress. It is a safe selection for long-lasting and durable bedding options. Unlike synthetic latex, natural latex is also effective in people that suffer from allergy problems, and adverse reactions to skin irritations, and chemicals.

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