Who is Ben Dunne’s Wife Mary? Irish Businessman’s Family

by Moore Martin

Who Is Ben Dunne Wife Mary

Ever since the news of Ben Dunne’s death went viral on the internet, people have been inquisitive about his wife. Ben Dunne, a prominent Irish businessman, left a lasting impact on the business world in Ireland. In this article, we will delve into the life of Ben Dunne, his family, and, of course, who his wife Mary is.

The Early Life of Ben Dunne

Ben Dunne’s journey began in County Cork, Ireland, where he was born on March 11, 1949. He attended Presentation Brothers schools in Leeside, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. Ben Dunne would later become a significant figure in Ireland’s business sector and play a crucial role in the growth of Dunnes Stores, a prominent grocery chain.

The Controversial Resignation

Despite his success, Ben Dunne’s career took a controversial turn when it was revealed that he had made payments to two well-known politicians, former Taoiseach Charles Haughey and former Fine Gael minister Michael Lowry. This revelation ultimately led to his resignation from Dunnes Stores, marking a significant chapter in his life.

Family Life of Ben Dunne

Ben Dunne was not just a businessman but also a family man. He and his wife Mary had four children together, three sons, and one daughter. Their names are Robert, Nicholas, Mark, and Caroline, respectively. Mary Dunne, his wife, stood by his side throughout their journey together.

Margaret Dunne: The Lone Surviving Sister

Margaret Dunne, Ben Dunne’s lone surviving sister, holds a significant position in one of the wealthiest family businesses in Ireland. Their family’s legacy continues through her, making her a prominent figure in the business world.

Remembering Ben Dunne

As news of Ben Dunne’s passing circulated, many expressed their condolences and shared fond memories. He was not just a businessman but also an extraordinary athlete in his early years, known for his great personality.

A Life Cut Short

Ben Dunne passed away at the age of 74. His death occurred in Dubai, leaving many shocked and saddened by the news. The Department of Foreign Affairs acknowledged the death of an Irish citizen in Dubai but did not provide further details.

The Legacy of Ben Dunne

Ben Dunne’s legacy extends beyond his business ventures and controversies. He was known for his skills in golf and hunting, demonstrating a diverse range of interests throughout his life.

Reconciliation with Margaret

Despite their differences, Ben Dunne and his sister Margaret managed to reconcile their relationship. A legal battle that had strained their bond was settled in October 1994. Margaret had once described Ben as the love of her life.


In conclusion, Ben Dunne’s life was marked by both success and controversy. His contributions to Ireland’s business sector and his family’s legacy are noteworthy. He leaves behind a lasting impact on the business world and the memories of those who knew him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What were Ben Dunne’s contributions to Dunnes Stores? Ben Dunne played a significant role in the growth and success of Dunnes Stores, a prominent grocery chain in Ireland.
  2. What led to Ben Dunne’s resignation from Dunnes Stores? Ben Dunne’s resignation was prompted by his involvement in making payments to politicians, including Charles Haughey and Michael Lowry.
  3. Tell me more about Ben Dunne’s family. Ben Dunne and his wife Mary had four children: Robert, Nicholas, Mark, and Caroline. His sister Margaret also holds a prominent position in the family business.
  4. Where did Ben Dunne pass away? Ben Dunne passed away in Dubai at the age of 74, leaving many in shock and disbelief.
  5. What is Margaret Dunne’s role in the family business? Margaret Dunne is the head of one of the wealthiest family businesses in Ireland, carrying on the family’s legacy.

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