Who Is Cassandra Byorg Boyfriend Johnny Rider? Where Is Johnny Rider Now?

by Moore Martin

Who Is Cassandra Byorg Boyfriend Johnny Rider

Cassandra Byorg’s boyfriend, Johnny Rider, gained notoriety for their involvement in a shocking crime, brutally murdering Cassandra’s grandparents in April 2017.


In this article, we delve into the intriguing and disturbing story of Cassandra Byorg’s boyfriend, Johnny Rider, and their involvement in a shocking crime that left a community in disbelief. This heinous act took place in April 2017 when they brutally murdered Cassandra’s own grandparents in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We will explore the details of the crime, Johnny Rider’s current whereabouts, and the dynamics of their troubled relationship.

A Brutal Act Unfolds

The crime that shocked the nation involved a merciless assault on Cassandra’s grandparents, culminating in their brutal murder. Johnny Rider and Cassandra Byorg attacked the elderly victims with a tire iron and fatal stabbings. The level of violence and cruelty displayed in this act left the community in shock and horror.

Celebrating Amidst Horror

What made this crime even more chilling was the couple’s complete disregard for the victims. They callously hosted a party in the same house where the lifeless bodies of the elderly victims lay. The insensitivity displayed during this celebration added a disturbing layer to an already horrific crime.

Life Sentences

The legal consequences for Cassandra Byorg and Johnny Rider were severe. Both of them received life sentences with the possibility of parole after 60 years. In addition to these life sentences, Johnny Rider was also handed an extra 21-year sentence. These punishments underscored the gravity of the crime and its profound impact on the victims and the community.

Johnny Rider’s Background

At the time of the crime in 2017, Johnny Rider was a teenager born in 1998. He was just 19 years old when he, along with his girlfriend Cassandra Byorg, committed this heinous act. His involvement in such a tragic event highlighted the disturbing nature of his actions.

Cassandra and Johnny’s Troubled Past

The relationship between Cassandra Byorg and Johnny Rider was marked by a troubled history. Cassandra had exhibited problematic behavior from a young age and had a history of issues in juvenile court. She had even relinquished custody of her daughter to her grandparents due to her behavior. Despite moving in with her grandparents, her problems persisted.

Johnny Rider, her boyfriend, became entangled in this troubled narrative. Their relationship had a two-year age gap, and understanding the dynamics between them sheds light on potential influences that may have contributed to their involvement in such a heinous crime.


1. Who is Cassandra Byorg’s boyfriend?

Cassandra Byorg’s boyfriend is Johnny Rider.

2. What crime did Cassandra Byorg and Johnny Rider commit?

In April 2017, they were involved in the brutal murder of Cassandra’s grandparents, using a tire iron and fatal stabbings.

3. What were the legal consequences for Cassandra and Johnny?

Both Cassandra and Johnny received life sentences with the possibility of parole after 60 years, plus an additional 21-year sentence.

4. Where is Johnny Rider now?

As of the most recent information, Johnny Rider remains incarcerated, serving time in prison.

5. When did the crime take place?

The crime occurred in April 2017.


The story of Cassandra Byorg and Johnny Rider is a chilling reminder of the darkness that can exist in human relationships. Their brutal crime shocked a community and led to severe legal consequences. Johnny Rider remains behind bars, serving his sentence, while the memory of their disturbing act lingers.

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