Who is Zeina Khoury’s Husband? Who is Zeina Khoury? How many children do Hanna Azzi and Zeina Khoury have?

by Moore Martin

Who is Zeina Khoury's Husband

In the world of glitz and glamour, the personalities behind the scenes often lead intriguing lives. One such couple that has captured the spotlight is Zeina Khoury and Hanna Azzi. In this article, we delve into the lives, careers, and connections of these captivating figures, shedding light on who Zeina Khoury’s husband, Hanna Azzi, truly is.

Zeina Khoury’s Husband – Hanna Azzi

To start our journey, we introduce you to the man who shares his life with Zeina Khoury – Hanna Azzi. Hanna Azzi, a native of Lebanon, spent his formative years in Canada. His diverse educational background led him to study in both Canada and Switzerland, with a specialization in hotel management.

The Journey of Success

Azzi’s journey of success in the hospitality sector has been nothing short of remarkable. He has graced renowned establishments such as Four Seasons, Raffles, and Nikki Beach in Dubai. With a net worth of an impressive $2 million, Hanna Azzi has made his mark in the industry.

Family Matters

But there’s more to this story than just professional success. Hanna Azzi is happily married to Zeina Khoury, and together, they form a family of four with their children, Joe and Alexa. Navigating their busy lives in Dubai, this power couple is an inspiration to many.

Who is Zeina Khoury?

Now that we’ve introduced you to Hanna Azzi, let’s shift our focus to the woman herself – Zeina Khoury. She’s not just known as Hanna Azzi’s wife; Zeina is a prominent figure in her own right.

From Model to Mogul

Zeina Khoury is a successful model, real estate mogul, and entrepreneur. She has earned the nickname ‘Queen of Versace’ for her deep affection for the luxury brand. Her educational journey took her through Lebanon, London Business School, and Wharton Online School, where she honed her skills in Finance.

Leading in Real Estate

Currently, Zeina serves as the CEO of High Mark Real Estate, overseeing elite properties like the D1 Tower and Palazzo Versace. Her involvement in the startup scene with ‘I Am The Company’ showcases her diverse entrepreneurial spirit.

A Family Woman

Zeina Khoury is not just a businesswoman; she is also a family woman. Married to Hanna Azzi, the couple has two children, Alexa and Joey. Their lives are a central focus of the reality show ‘Dubai Bling Season 2.’

Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth

Zeina Khoury’s net worth is a topic of curiosity for many. Reports suggest that her wealth falls within the range of USD 310,000 to USD 2.5 million. The majority of her assets are attributed to her involvement in the real estate business, further solidifying her status as a key player in Dubai’s elite property market.

Hanna Azzi’s Career

Hanna Azzi’s career has been marked by dedication and hard work. Raised in Canada, he completed his education at Immaculata High School in Ottawa. Later, he pursued Hotel Management in Switzerland. After graduating in 2003, Azzi gained valuable experience at prestigious establishments like the Four Seasons, Raffles, Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, and St. Regis in Doha.

Managing Nikki Beach Resort

Currently excelling in the hospitality sector in Dubai, Hanna Azzi has been managing the Nikki Beach resort, notably the Pearl Jumeirah site, since 2018. He emphasizes the importance of creating a positive work environment and teamwork, showcasing his dedication to the industry. His remarkable career has contributed to a net worth exceeding $2 million.

Who is Zeina Khoury’s Husband – FAQs

  1. Who is Hanna Azzi?
    Hanna Azzi is Zeina Khoury’s husband and a hospitality professional with an impressive career, managing the Nikki Beach resort in Dubai.
  2. What is Zeina Khoury known for?
    Zeina Khoury is a successful model, real estate mogul, and entrepreneur, recognized for her role in Dubai Bling Season 2.
  3. What is the net worth of Zeina Khoury?
    Zeina Khoury’s net worth ranges between USD 310,000 to USD 2.5 million, primarily sourced from her real estate ventures.
  4. How many children do Hanna Azzi and Zeina Khoury have?
    The couple has two children, a son named Joe and a daughter named Alexa.
  5. Where did Hanna Azzi study hotel management?
    Hanna Azzi studied hotel management in Switzerland after completing his schooling in Canada.

In conclusion, the lives of Zeina Khoury and Hanna Azzi are as fascinating as they are inspiring. Their individual successes, their shared journey as a couple, and their family life in the bustling city of Dubai make them captivating figures both on and off the screen. As we wrap up, we invite you to explore their world and get to know these intriguing personalities better.

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