Why Choose Granite Countertops?

by Carter Toni

If you’re about to have a new kitchen installed, or at least have some new countertops put in to upgrade what you already have, you might be taken aback at just how many options there are for you. It can be hard to make a choice when all of the potential countertops look good and have their own particular benefits, but granite is very effective, which is why it’s such a popular choice. If you’re considering granite but haven’t completely made up your mind, or you’re completely confused as to what might be best and you don’t know why granite should be on your list, read on; here are some of the reasons to choose granite countertops.

Tough And Durable

One of the main reasons for choosing granite is that it is extremely durable—in fact, the only substance in nature harder than granite is diamond, and since a diamond countertop would be prohibitively expensive, granite is an ideal (and much more cost-effective) option.

When you have a great installer such as Legacy Countertops to put your granite workplace in situ for you, you’ll find that it literally can last as long as you want it to. It might even be the very last kitchen countertop you ever have, as it can last for decades. So if you’re looking for a countertop that is long-lasting and won’t need to be replaced, and one that will look as good in fifty years as it does when it’s installed, granite is a wonderful choice. Even if a chip or crack does appear, granite can be repaired without any problems.

Easy Maintenance

Some countertops don’t actually require any maintenance at all, other than a wipe down to clean them, but these often look cheap and don’t last very long in general. Other countertops need a lot of maintenance; a wooden countertop, for example, needs to be polished and treated regularly, and wateris damaging to it. However, somewhere in the middle lies granite.

Granite, as we’ve seen, is highly durable, and because it’s an entirely natural product, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance at all as long as it is sealed properly when it is installed. If this is the case, the granite countertop will be stain-resistant, and will only need a wipe with soap and water (no chemicalsare required) to make it look as good as new. Of course, staining is not unheard of which is why it’s wise to clear up spills as soon as possible, but in general terms, granite is very easy to take care of.

Boost Your Home’s Value

If you want to add value to your home, granite countertops are a great way to go about it. Not only are they extremely attractive, but they are what house buyers are often looking for, meaning that if you already have them in place, you can boost the value and the chances of selling your property more quickly.

If someone wants to buy a property and it already has granite countertops, this is going to save them money at a time when there are lots of other expenses to think about. By installing granite countertops for yourself, you can ensure your property will be what others are looking for when the time comes, making the process of selling a much simpler one.

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