Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted What is Robinhood?

by Glenn Maxwell

Purchasing bonds and stocks has become simpler than ever before. The days are gone whenever you needed to see your stockbroker who’d ask you for a higher fee should you wished to buy stocks.

Now, because of technological advances, you can begin purchasing enhanced comfort of your home without moving one inch. It is possible because of services like Robinhood. Lately, users ask: Exactly Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted?

Continue reading to understand more about this application, its services, and account restriction policies, that are slightly gaining ground. This question is gaining recognition within the U . s . States where this particular service is situated.

What’s Robinhood?

Robinhood is really a financial services company that compels users to purchase stocks and money and doesn’t charge any commission. It provides its services via a website and mobile application, readily available for all major platforms and os’s.

Robinhood launched a mobile application in 2015. It’s also acquired recognition because it enables users to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Exactly Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted?

There are many explanations why your Robinhood account might be restricted. We’ve completely reviewed the united states Account Restriction Policy and can list our findings below. Please make reference to it for relevant information:

• Each declared person controlling the organization have a limited account. The controlling part of the organization is really a high-ranking official in the organization and enjoys lots of power. The application reports compliance as the reason behind this limitation.

• This limitation is going to be elevated whenever you declare that you’re no more a controlling person for just about any company.

• Exactly Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted? Your bank account is going to be restricted whether it contains incorrect information or maybe any fraudulent activity is detected.

• Also restricts accounts which contain outdated information.

• Whenever a restriction is positioned in your account, you won’t be in a position to buy any stocks or cryptocurrencies.

• The restriction might be temporary, for 3 months or longer.

• Contact customer support for more information concerning the limitations or if you wish to improve them.

How did users respond to the restriction of the accounts?

Restricted users are mixed. Exactly why is my Exactly Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted? We pointed out this above.

Quite a few users say Robinhood isn’t a reliable stock broker and heavy investors need to look for another thing. Other users have contended that the best option would be to close the account if it’s been restricted. Quite a few users are dissatisfied using the company’s buying and selling hrs.

Final verdict

Restricting your Robinhood account can result in various complications. It’s suggested that you simply contact customer support to discover more on the restriction and also to resolve it. We’ve provided all of the relevant information above.

Are you currently while using Robinhood application? Has your bank account have you been restricted? Exactly Why Is My Robinhood Account Restricted? We’ve provided these details above. Tell us that which you consider this application and it is restriction policy within the comments box below.

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