Why It Is Necessary To Avoid Cell Phone While Driving?

by Glenn Maxwell

Most of us lead a busy life that requires constant communication with others to address challenges in our personal and professional life. Today, the use of mobile phones has increased to keep up with the rising demands to keep in touch. Communicating using mobile phones can result in increased productivity. But, it may prove fatal in some instances.

Mobile phone use while driving can lead to dangerous results. According to research, using cell phones during driving has resulted in an increased number of accidents.

Why should you consider abstaining from using cell phones while driving? Read ahead to know more about it.

Reasons You Need to Stop Using Mobile Phones While Driving

Mobile phone use while driving can significantly impact your concentration. It can adversely affect road safety by increasing the chances of suffering from a collision. Your vehicle can hit other automobiles or pedestrians. Crashes on the road can lead to minor injuries like whiplash or fatal complications. Crash victims can also result in head injuries, cuts and scrapes, back injuries, and chest wounds. Depending on the severity of the crash, you may suffer from minor injuries to life-altering complications.

You may need medical assistance, physical therapy, and care to heal from the collisions. Getting injured by a speeding driver also requires the assistance of accident lawyers. Contacting a legal expert for assistance can safeguard your finances and help you get the necessary medical aid without worrying about money.

Around the world, a staggering number of people suffer from dangerous complications due to using mobile phones while driving.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile phones cause accidents.

1. Using Cell Phone May Impact Cognitive Performance

Using cell phones during driving can increase the risk of traffic crashes due to decreased cognitive performance. A study indicates that using a mobile phone during driving may impact the control behavior of the driver. Voice calls to another person using the cell phone while driving can increase the odds of getting into a crash a hundred-fold. The jarring increase occurs due to the way the brain handles multitasking.

Texting when you drive can result in you taking your hands away from the wheel. It also leads to taking your eyes off the road. Such actions can only result in losing control of the vehicle. Driving requires high levels of attention and focus. However, using a mobile phone may lead to cognitive distraction. It can compromise your safety and of others on the road.

2.Delays Reaction Time

According to a report released by Transport Research Laboratory, using a cell phone to read or send messages can delay the reaction time of drivers. Drivers need to make quick decisions when they face any issues while driving. Hence, they must have a high reaction time. Sending text messages can delay the reaction time by 37%. It is high compared to the delayed reaction time due to using alcohol. Besides, speaking on a mobile phone can delay reaction by 46%, which can prove fatal.

3. Wrong Judgement of Road and Other Traffic Conditions

Sending messages or talking while driving can compromise your judgment of road conditions and distances. It can put your and your passenger’s life at risk. Texting when you drive may result in losing focus. You may find it difficult to judge the traffic or road conditions. A study found that people sending or reading a text message while driving tend to drift from their lane. Hence, it may pose a risk to pedestrians and other vehicles. When you handle a car without focus, you may not notice pedestrians. They seem less noticeable compared to automobiles. Avoid such serious situations by focusing on the road.

Rules To Stay Safe on the Road

To avoid accidents, you must follow the traffic laws of the state. Check the rules regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Novice drivers need to check the traffic laws. Many states have created laws to target young drivers who use smartphones. To keep you and others safe from the ill effects of distracted driving, you can follow the guidelines suggested to stay focused on the road:

  • Many drivers find it hard to stay away from their phones. To avoid reaching for your phone, you can turn it off before starting the journey.
  • If you are taking a long trip, take regular breaks. You can use the break time to switch on the phone. It may help you check any message or return someone’s calls.
  • Try to restrict mobile phone use even when you have enabled hands-free technology.
  • If you have to make urgent calls, find an ideal location to park your car first.
  • Never call or text someone currently driving. If the person you have called is driving, you can ask them to call after they reach the destination or park the vehicle.
  • While driving, take your mobile phone only when you face an emergency. Otherwise, abstain from texting or calling during the drive.


Research has indicated that texting or talking to people on the phone while driving can result in serious accidents. These accidents can cause damage to the lives and vehicles. You can never live with the knowledge that your decision to take the phone caused death or life-altering injury to a person. Many countries have recognized the danger of texting/calling while you drive. Hence, there are laws and regulations banning mobile phone use while driving. Always drive safe and avoid activities causing harm.


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