Why Parents Cyber Safety Education Before Children?

by Carter Toni

The popularity of online games is going through the roof. The number of children resorting to online games is also alarmingly high. Even the barely legal teens are starting with the online slots, see online slots Canada that have at least one teen who has tried their hands at the games.

Most of them may have started with their parents at home with some minor harmless games. But that served as an opening to this fascinating world of online games. When people are confined to their homes and are unable to go out for entertainment, this scenario was somewhat inevitable. Still, there are some areas parents should pay more attention to. Cyber safety education helps them be aware of these important areas.

Why is cyber safety education important?

Ever since the pandemic, the world has been living in a cyber world. Though it is the only way of staying connected to the outer world, schooling, and official work, it comes with the pitfalls such as online games. That doesn’t mean that online games are bad, but not all games are safe for children to indulge.

The importance of cyber safety education for parents is significant here where they should know where to draw the line and how much freedom they need to allow the kids for their daily dose of entertainment.

It is also important for the parents to teach the kids to be respectful, resilient, and responsible for their actions. They must learn to make positive decisions for themselves and should be willing to seek help when things are not going their way. To teach the kids about these values, parents must know what to do and how to do it.

Here are some pointers on cyber safety that can help themselves and their kids.

1. It’s all about privacy

Smartphones are the biggest fishing tool on the internet so parents should learn to set the line about the privacy of the phones. Instead of accessing their phones themselves, parents should let them deal with these factors but educate them to be more careful. Simply setting a conundrum for a password and secured lines are not the only safety measures that need to be taken.

Make them understand that revealing their private life constantly on social media is in a way compromising their privacy. At the same time, they must refer to the various social media accounts before accepting friend requests from others as well.

2. Updating privacy settings

Smartphone apps are constantly updating their versions and it is important to check the privacy settings after each update. Certain apps allow the users to see the user location of others. This could be a bad trend so they should know what to look for and what to deal with, to secure their privacy settings.

3. Reading the policies

Have you ever read the various privacy policies and their agreement terms on the net? It is unlikely as we all are used to simply checking the ‘I Agree’ box without ever reading it. Most of them use this agreement to access or share private details of the person with a third party and there starts the fishing net. This is a bad habit that needs rectification right now! Teach the kids to read the terms they are agreeing to.

4. How to behave in the cyber world

Respectful online behaviour is something that needs more refinement from people of all ages. People are less sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others and often use this space to bully or demean others. Educate them to set the boundary and be respectful to others. On this topic, the parents should be the role models after all kids learn quickly from how their parents behave. Kids are likely to take things seriously when they see something while growing up.

5. Careful with online payments

These days kids are experts on ordering online and with online payments. Make them understand what to spend money on even if it is their money they use. While online payments and paid online games may be legal but set an age limit until then kids should not take part in such paid entertainments. As long as they are kids, pain cyber games should be taboo.

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