Why Social Marketing Must be Part of your E-Commerce Strategy

by Carter Toni

More people now shop online than have ever done before in human history and as such online shopping and e-commerce is becoming the predominant form of revenue generation for modern businesses. As most businesses rush headlong into the e-commerce and online space it is worth a moment to consider the changes and improvements and resultant benefits that such changes will entail. Social media marketing is one of the main changes associated with a move to e-commerce and this article will discuss why this is the case.

Social media marketing

This is the use of social media to promote and market your products and services. If these products and services are also available online, then the two are generally and more recently done in tandem and the result is a social media marketplace. It is thus a means of either driving traffic to the e-commerce offering or your social media can be the shop itself. It is also the social nature of such marketing that allows for the generation and collection of vast amounts of detailed and intricate customer and client details and data. Information as to what customers like, what’s trending in the sector as a whole and what your competitors are doing has never been easier to access.

Build brand awareness

As the number of people who are on social media increases and the use of social media changes, it has become a critical platform for building brands. If your brand is not on social media in some form, shape or fashion, you are likely being left behind by your competitors. Building a brand is a process and when done on social media will require ongoing and constant posting and sharing of brand specific information, extolling the benefits and value of the products and services on offer.


Social media is a wonderful way for two-way interactive communication between brands and their buyers. Forums, chat rooms and product reviews provide for various online platforms wherein clients and customers can be communicated with and the interaction between products, services and the people who use them is much improvedonline.

Generate sales

As aforementioned social media is not only a platform for chats and sharing ideas and trends, but most if not all platforms now either allow for direct purchasing or an immediate link to the associated online shopping platform.

It is thus clear that the linkage between e-commerce and social media has been made and is now an accepted component of modern business. Just like you would when you compare your business energy usage at places like businesscomparison.com, make sure that you compare the prices of the service providers, web builders and shop front designers.


The social media marketplace is booming and if your online e-commerce strategy does not have a social media component then it is likely that your business is not meeting its full potential. This article has provided the insight and foundational understanding to get you started.

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