Working with cloud-based recruitment software in 2022

by James Martin

Most recruitment agencies now know to utilise the advantages that a good recruitment database software brings to their business. But it can be challenging navigating the market to find the best recruitment software for agencies. How can one recognise which CRM software is the ideal one for the business?

One of the most popular types of CRM systems is the cloud-based recruitment software solution. It is used widely by a variety of staffing agencies due to it being ideal for both small and large-sized businesses.

In fact, a cloud-based front office recruitment software system has become the first choice for the majority of agencies in 2022. The reasons are varied and all beneficial. But there are three big reasons why recruitment firms must opt for this type of CRM software.

  • It is flexible and scalable.

Many recruiters have established their start-ups. And whether they are operating as a one-person business or have hired a few people, a recruitment platform that is cloud-based is a perfect choice. These types of CRMs are flexible to use and are perfectly scalable. So, whether the agency signs up for one user per month but finds out they will need an additional one later, it doesn’t require any extra hassle to set up new users and licenses. The number of users and licenses can be scaled up and down according to business needs. Similarly, this also makes it very ideal for larger recruitment firms who can opt to cut down on users or increase licences easily whenever required.

  • It supports remote work.

Remote work has been rising ever since 2020. The ability to save and store all the data on the cloud is extremely convenient. This enables recruiters to work just as easily from home (or wherever they can get a computer device and an internet connection) as they did from the office previously. Work does not have to be restricted to the office desk anymore. Productivity and efficiency get a facelift due to cloud-based recruitment software. Sharing candidate CVs, sending monthly reports, pulling up interview notes and responding to emails from clients and candidates can be done from anywhere now.

  • It is more affordable

A recruitment database management software that is cloud-based is not only convenient but also affordable. As the data is stored on the cloud, the security and maintenance are carried out by the software vendor. As with all software, there are regular updates to the system which the supplier takes responsibility for. They are always looking at ways to improve and strengthen their product. They aim to make it more valuable for all users. Therefore, staffing agencies do not have to employ a separate IT staff to maintain the system and take care of data security.

Identifying a suitable recruitment CRM software

Not every recruitment software system will be appropriate for every type of recruiting agency. One must factor in different elements such as budget, software features, compatibility with other existing recruiting solutions, etc.

Agencies that focus on placing temp workers would do better to use a temps software. Meanwhile, executive search software is a suitable CRM for head-hunters. Thus, it is important to make note of the market that the agency is focusing on when selecting their recruitment agency software.

Meticulous research, checking software features and functionality, asking about training and onboarding process, confirming software compatibility, and reading reviews of customer service is extremely useful. Understanding the answers to these questions makes the process of finding the best software for recruitment agencies much easier.

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