YouTube: Learn the trick to converting audio from a video to text!

by Glenn Maxwell

If you wish to understand what they stated inside a YouTube video but do not have enough time, this process is going to do you good.

To transform the audio of the YouTube video into text you have to pay attention to all of the audiovisual material, which could have a lengthy time. Fortunately, there’s a trick that will help you to do transcription within minutes.

Would you like to learn it?

This process is very simple and doesn’t need you to download any strange program. It’s also advisable for doing things on the laptop or computer, as from the mobile phone it may be more difficult.

The very first factor you must do is look for the YouTube video you need to transcribe. Make certain the audio is heard noisally and clearly if the seem is of low quality, this process won’t work properly.

Once you’ve found the recording, copy the hyperlink within the address bar. Afterward, you’ll have to visit a web-based tool known as Degrabador (you’ll find it only at that link).

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The page includes a quite simple layout. In the centre, you will find a white-colored box where you’ll have to paste the Link to the YouTube video. Then press the beginning button to obtain began.

This method typically takes a couple of seconds. When finished, you will notice a text with everything else which was stated within the video. However , there won’t be any punctuation marks, so it’s important to provide an evaluation.

It’s suggested to copy that text into Ms Word and take part in the YouTube video. By doing this, you’ll see if the transcript was correct or maybe there is a mistake you need to correct.

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