10 facts nobody told you about hair extensions

by Carter Toni

A Woman’s hairs are more precious to her than any other jewel piece she owns. Although hair transplants are a permanent way to preserve the look if you have sparse hair or a receding hairline, they are costly and occasionally unpleasant. Hair extensions are the safest option to make your hair longer, give them not just a texture but a character parallelly saving you from excessive heat of curling irons, blow dryers, color chemicals, and what not With bulk human hair extensions, you may achieve the enhanced look in only a few minutes.

Extensions like micro loop hair extensions are simple to clip in the locations you wish, and they let you walk in style. They do not even require any glue or harsh chemicals to stick on. They are adaptable and may be fashioned in a variety of ways. They are durable and cost-effective whether lengthy or shorter, wavy or straight, and are widely accessible nowadays.

However, just because a seller claims that the hairs in extension are virgin hair doesn’t mean you should believe them. This word is often used to make fools. Make sure you do your research and only buy from reputable retailers. Here are some facts that you should consider while buying hair extensions yet nobody told you about:

1- The devil is in the details

The language used in the hair extension industry might be bewildering if you aren’t an experienced specialist. There’s also the distinction between single-drawn and double-drawn hair, in addition to synthetic, natural, and virgin human hair. The length difference between strands in single-drawn hair is no more than two inches. If the extensions appear to be too gleaming, be sure to inquire if they are silicon coated that can wear off quickly.

2- Choosing the Right Hairstylist

As crucial as the hair itself is the experienced hairstylist as incorrect application or removal can cause serious harm to your hair), but you should also require color experience. Your extensions will stand out if the hue match is off. The next stage is making your extensions invisible and getting a haircut to match the full look.

3-Volume and spacing are important too

Volume and placement are two other things to think about. Because the weight of extensions might add to the pressure on your natural roots and can damage them permanently. If you have fine hair, go for lightweight and medium spacing extensions and if you have thick hair you can go denser and with close placements.

4-Change hair care routine

Hair Care routine must be changed as per the extensions and is not very similar to regular hair routine in the following ways:

  • Comb them daily and gently in one direction only.
  • Switch to sulfate-free, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioners.
  • Shampoo and conditioner need not be messaged or rubbed.
  • Blow-dry your extension hair and let the real hair for air dry to avoid tangling.
  • Do not invert your hair or tie uptight ponytails, Ariana Grande’s style is a strict no-no.

5-Your sleeping habits need a makeover

Don’t sleep on damp hair if you want your extensions to last—it might damage the bonding. Before going to bed, tie your hair up in a ponytail or braid. Remember to use a silk pillowcase or wear a silk scarf instead of using a cotton pillowcase.

6- Understand when to stay away

Hair extensions should be avoided by those who are experiencing active hair loss or alopecia. Hair extensions should not be utilized if one’s hair is scant. The ideal situation is to match the density of the original hair to the density of the hair extensions. People with fine hair should use fewer hair extensions, while those with dense hair can use more.

7- Longevity depends upon hair

This will be determined by the type of hair extensions you use, the quality of the product, and how well you care for your hair and extensions. Don’t leave your semi-permanent hair extensions in for longer than four weeks. Alternatively, if your hair has grown to a length of more than two inches.

8-Excessive use can be damaging

Rigorous put-pull to temporary hair extensions regularly might cause harm to the hair. They wouldn’t harm you if you used them only once in a while. If you choose permanent hair extensions, make sure you utilize the right products and procedures, as well as adequate after-care, to guarantee they last a lifetime. When your natural hair grows out and starts to become tugged and damaged, it will need to be re-fitted.

9- Do not empty your pocket

 There is a wide range of hair extensions, from large temporary pieces that need to be removed every day to semi-permanent ones that last for weeks to permanent ones that last for months. The same goes with its care routine and cost. Permanent hair extensions are way too costly than temporary ones and need a lot of time to fit, remove and maintain.

10-Matching hues

Although a lot of tutorials and tables are present on every website and salon chart. But you can only match extension hair color by matching the swatches with the tip of your real hair in daylight. One shade lighter or darker depends upon your mood.

Choose wisely as hairs on your head are your crowning glory no matter real or artificial. Stay beautiful.

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