100 Hours 100 Stars: Sameera Reddy says her ‘slim, sexy’ version had no confidence, now she wants to ‘flaunt that flab’

by Carter Toni

Actor Sameera Reddy, in conversation with Fever Digital in their initiative 100 Hrs 100 Stars, spoke concerning the ‘dark phase’ she experienced following childbirth the very first time. She stated that they was psychologically ready for the coronavirus lockdown, because she’d quarantined herself for just one-and-a-half years during her ‘post-partum depression’.

100 Hours 100 Stars

Requested about her empowering social networking posts during difficult occasions such as this, she stated, “For me, my darkest period was publish having a baby the very first time — refer to it as a publish-partum blues or depression. And in those days I experienced a very dark space and quarantined myself within my house for nearly one-and-a-half years.”

She ongoing, “In a quarantine situation, you can observe it two ways. You are able to say ‘Oh my God, this is actually the worst a part of my life’, or ‘Oh my God there’s a lot I’m able to use my time’.” She stated that they hasn’t had that much time together with her husband given that they get wed.

“Dark spaces have been in the brain,” she stated, and added that ‘it’s the way you see things.’ Sameera stated that she’s now at ease with herself, and demonstrated off her gray hair. She stated that they no more bothers about ‘keeping track of appearances’, like she was once in her own heyday being an actor.

She mentioned any time she was ‘slim and sexy’, she’d no confidence, these days, she’s comfortable ‘flaunting her flab’.

100 Hrs 100 Stars is certainly an initiative by Fever Digital to celebrate the Covid-19 heroes. The non-stop digital fest includes actors, politicians, digital content creators, sports personalities while others for interviews, performances plus much more. The funds elevated will go to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergencies (PM-Cares) fund.

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