How Can You Do A Complete Makeover Of Your House Using Rugs?

by Sean Dixon

Complete Makeover

Adding rugs to your home is a great way to add color to a room and give it a new look. A design piece can add depth and interest to a room, so consider adding a few to a room before tackling the rest of the renovation project. You can use rugs to create patterns, designs, and textures to add interest and style to any room. Adding rugs to your home will give your home a fresh new look, but make sure you have a solid foundation in design before you begin.

Decide on the design style. This isn’t a difficult task, but choosing a theme will help you visualize what you want to achieve. You may want to choose a rug that’s neutral to match the color of the walls and existing furniture. On the other hand, if you’d prefer bold patterns and textures, consider a rug that matches those elements. You can also check the designer rug collection. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you can start shopping for rugs!

Tips To Do A Complete Makeover Of Your House With A Rug

If you are interested in doing a complete makeover of your house, a rug can do wonders. There are many ways to do it, including layering rugs, choosing patterns, and coordinating color schemes.  Just remember that your house’s style may not be reflected in every aspect of your decor. So, read on to find out how to add a rug to give your house a makeover.

Patterned Rugs

If you want to give your home a complete makeover, consider purchasing a colorful area rug. A colorful rug gives any room a more vibrant look and can add instant impact. You can pick up a rug in bright colors, such as the Aliyah Area Rug, from West Elm. Its geometric pattern is a perfect accent piece for a modern or boho room. Another great way to give your home an instant makeover is by using patterned rugs. These are the perfect way to add color to rooms that are otherwise dull and uninspiring. When choosing a rug, always keep in mind its size and design, as well as its wear and tear. Rugs with bold patterns add character to a room. And you can even use antique rugs to add drama to your room.

Single Color Rugs

You can complete the look of your house by incorporating a single-color rug into every room. Bright colors can overwhelm people and make them feel uneasy. The right choice of rug can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Here are some ideas to use rugs in this way. Let’s start with orange-red rugs. They are made in Pakistan and are reasonably priced. They have a unique eye-catching look on the first side of the rug.

First, decide on the design style that you’d like to achieve. Trying to visualize the overall look of a room is not difficult. You can visualize the elements that you want in the room and what type of theme you want to convey. Choose a neutral color if your house is neutral. If you have a bold and colorful space, consider a rug with a different texture or pattern.

Layering Rugs

Using two or more layered rugs in a room is a great way to add texture and color to a room. When choosing a rug, you want to make sure it is about two-thirds of the size of the one beneath it. This will allow for a border around the smaller rug while maintaining a harmonious look. If you are unsure of how to use layers, follow these tips.

If you are not familiar with the art of rug layering, start by choosing neutral rugs and combining patterns and prints. Patterned rugs can be playful if you use a neutral background. To avoid tripping hazards, use a neutral-colored rug underneath your patterned top rug. The neutral base rug will also create a great base texture for your patterned top rug.

Coordination Of Colors

A coordinated color palette can give your room a dramatic makeover. A rug with coordinating colors and patterns can instantly update an old space. If you’re not sure how to coordinate colors and patterns, there are some simple tricks to achieve a stunning transformation. Pairing two different styles and patterns in the same room is a great way to create an eclectic look without breaking the bank. Try the tips below:

Size Of Rugs

To get the perfect rug size, it is important to know the measurements of the rooms in your house. You should keep at least eight inches between the rug and furniture. For the wall, you should leave about twenty-four inches. If you plan on placing your furniture on the rug, you should take the measurements carefully. You should also make sure that the furniture fits on the rug comfortably. If you are planning on replacing the existing carpet in a room, you must be sure to measure the room’s size. And, if you find difficulty in detecting the size of rugs for your living room, then there is a trick. You can look for rugs half the size of a throw blanket and it would serve the purpose.

If you are planning to place the sofa in the center, leave eight to eighteen inches of floor space. If the furniture is not in the center of the room, then leave about eight to eighteen inches of floor space on the sides and edges. Once you have determined the layout, you can lay the furniture on the rug using painter’s tape and measure the distance with two inches of room clearance.


When choosing a rug, consider how much space you have on the floor. If your room is larger than a 9×13, select a large rug that extends beyond the sides of the sofa. This way, you’ll have more space for walking. If you’re working with a small room, you can choose a smaller runner rug for that area. You should always leave some space around the rug for walking.

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