15 handmade DIY gift ideas that will be loved by your friends and family

by Carter Toni

This gifting idea is a creative zone and it will make you much more creative when you are making this idea into a real one. It was surely loved by everyone. Let us design some gifts for your loved one that you can explore below:

1. Gift a white T-shirt and a tie-dye kit. This will be loved by your friend as with the help of this kit create your own fashion style of T-shirt. This kit will have dyeing material and some design butter maker. Design sheets can be used for tracing the design on the t-shirt.

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2. A candy box made with home stuff and chocolate candies filled in it will be loved by your loved one. This gift will become more emotional with home-cooked candies.

3. Homemade soap and moisturizer will be a healthy gift kit for your loved one. This gift will pamper and will take care of the health of the skin.

4. Honey jars will be loved by your parents who love to have lemon tea with honey and also pancakes with honey. Ensure you should get pure honey. These jars can be for different purposes like for the storage of dry fruits.

5. Mold Planters pot with plaster and color it with dark color like red, blue, and green. Gift these pots in sets to your loved one. They will love this gift and place them with indoor planters in the living room.

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6. Handmade wood trays and coasters will be liked by everybody. This can be made with a wood piece with the help of home tools. It can be rusty and of irregular shape and this will show your effort.

7. Homemade earrings and necklaces will be loved by your girl’s friend. Just focus and pull out creativity and you will see your friend wearing a tie & dye T-shirt.

8. The fun bucket is a very easy-to-make gift. A pink or red chart paper, ribbon, and decorative material will help you to design and make your fun bucket. Now time to fill this bucket, fill this bucket with lemon and orange candies.

9. Personalized family photo homemade frame is loved by your parents you gifted on their 25th marriage anniversary. Please do not forget to add a lovely loveable quote at the base of the photo frame.

10. The handmade keychain is a lovely and emotional one as a gift. A multi-color key chain can be made with any material lying here and there at home. You can also make them personalize by writing names on it and for this use permanent markers and stick decorative material with help glow.

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11. Earplug homemade cloth pouches decorated with ribbons and small bells will be a great decorated gift. The voice of small bells will help you to locate the pouch from your travel bag.

12. Cotton wrap notebook will be happily used by your mother just to write down all recipes and other important things for the coming generation.

13. Handmade mittens and sweaters will be liked by fashionable boys and girls of the home. Young kids when wearing these will look like followers running around the home.

14. Trendy homemade wallets will be much more trendy and fashionable than branded wallets. This can be stitched with a multi-pocket and zip cover.

15. A home molded snack bowl will look good as a gift. Use white cement base material and mix color or colors for the multi-shaded bowl. Try to make a platter plate to hold these bowls.

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