Picking A Gift For A New Baby?

by Carter Toni

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For A Baby Shower

The joy of welcoming a new life into the world is indescribable, and a baby shower is an occasion to celebrate the arrival of the little one and show support to the parents-to-be.

If you are planning to attend a baby shower and looking for the perfect gift for the new mom and baby, then this article is for you!

But when it comes to baby shower gifts, there are so many ideas that choosing the right one can be a challenge for even the savviest of gift-givers. So, here are some key things to keep in mind while selecting the perfect baby shower gift.


New parents have to deal with a lot of practicalities when they bring their baby home. Diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths, and bibs are some of the essentials that they will need in abundance. These items are not only practical for the parents but also affordable. You can never go wrong with a basket full of these essentials. If your budget can stretch a bit further, it can be worth investing in something that is still practical but is usually on the more expensive side, like a set of mattresses for a crib or Moses basket,or bedding – just make sure it follows the safe sleep guidelines.


Babies are delicate and require the utmost care, especially during their first few months. So, try to choose gifts that prioritize the baby’s safety. For example, a baby monitor, a baby bathtub, or a baby carrier can be great options. If you are gifting a teddy bear or other plush, make sure it has no loose parts and is safe for newborns to play with.


The baby’s comfort should always be the top priority. Because simply put, a baby that is comfortable is not going to cry so much! A soft and cozy baby blanket, a plush toy, or a onesie set can be perfect gifts that will help keep the baby comfortable. As mentioned earlier, it can be worth talking to the parents-to-be about investing in a set of comfortable and practical mattresses for the baby’s crib or basket – having a spare is always handy in emergencies!


Personalizing a gift makes it more special and memorable for the parents and is all the more precious if this is their first child. You can choose to engrave the baby’s name on a keepsake box, a photo frame, or a silver spoon, with the latter being a more common option for godparents to give as a gift at their godchild’s Christening. You can invest in a small, silver canister engraved with the baby’s name, designed for the parents to keep a lock of their baby’s hair. The parents-to-be will surely appreciate the effort and thought put into the gift.


Babies grow and develop quickly, and it’s never too early to start encouraging their curiosity and learning. A baby book set, a shape sorter toy, or a musical instrument can be great gifts that will engage the baby’s mind and stimulate their growth. Interactive toys will always be beneficial, as well as mats for tummy time and rattles.

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