15 Powerful video marketing statistics you need to know

by Carter Toni

Video marketing holds a future of immense potential for brands that are eyeing growth. With easy digital access, the creation of video content is simpler than ever before. The fact that it is enjoyable helps entice your viewers into listening to the brand message. The retention of video content is significantly higher than that of images or texts.

The creation of quality videos requires thorough planning and execution. The hard work involved causes brands to hesitate over its utility. However, the ROI on video is higher than that of other content. If you are still unsure of whether to jump in the video revolution, here are 15 video marketing statistics that will help you make your mind.

Viewer Preference Towards Video

Internet users across the world prefer video over other content. In the US, 85% of Internet users watch video content every month. Countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia report that 95% of their internet users watch videos every month.

Today, video constitutes over one-third of all web traffic, and the figures are expected to rise in the coming days. Marketing campaigns that communicate in the user’s preferred medium are likely to be received better by the audience.

Video Affects Decision Making

With video, brands can present a holistic picture of a product and its features. That way, viewers find it easy to take a buying call. On average, 8 out of 10 people purchase software after watching its branded video. Testimonial videos go beyond providing information about a product and give viewers the confidence to purchase the item.

Better Demand for Video

Today, the purpose of the video goes beyond that of conventional entertainment. Most industries have influencers with millions of followers. As these people have shifted to video preparation, videos are received well by the audience.

54% of internet users admit that they are keen on viewing content from brands that they support. With video, there is a lesser tendency of skipping the content. That way, the audience is likely to pay attention to the details.

Video Creation is Increasing

The pandemic has given a significant boost to video creation. 70% of businesses say that they are creating more content than they did in the previous year.

Video is Difficult to Ignore

The average internet user spends six hours and 48 minutes every week watching video content. For people under the age of 36, these figures are even higher. In countries such as Sweden and China, people spend an average of 103 minutes watching videos every day. Recent trends convince us that video will soon take over the traditional broadcast mediums such as the FM and television.

Video is a Marketing Success

The success of video marketing has seen a steady rise in recent days. Video marketing is no longer restricted to B2C businesses or larger firms. 87% of marketing professionals across sectors agree that video has helped them win the trust of potential customers. To them, video is a successful marketing tool as this contributes to building brand trust.

Video is a Social Media Favourite

In modern times, no brand can afford to ignore the role of social media. The average consumer spends a good fraction of their waking hours browsing through content on social media. Over the years, social media has established itself as more than just another video-sharing platform.

As a brand, you need to understand that social media is a visual platform. That is why video content is the most shared form of video content across Instagram and Facebook. 73% of social media are influenced by branded videos while making a purchase.

Video Boosts Internet Traffic

Estimates show that by 2022, 240 exabytes of videos will be consumed every month. As one exabyte is equivalent to a billion gigabytes, you can fathom the amount of data involved. While video already dominates the internet, by 2022, 82% of global traffic will come from video. Since most of the search engines rank pages with videos higher than the others, video achieves better organic traffic for businesses.

Video Gives a Good ROI

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to get a good ROI. 88% of marketers who invest in videos are satisfied with the ROI. The versatility of video is the driving factor for this popularity. The beauty of videos is that they do not appear to be forced and promotional. You can have product placements in interesting videos. Such efforts will help entice the viewer to the content, build brand awareness and lead to better sales.

Video Caters to All Groups

Traditionally, the video was dominated by younger demographics. Over the years, video is used by people of all age groups. In recent days, the largest increase in video consumption is seen in people over 46 years of age.

Video Helps in Lead Generation

Businesses that use video marketing report 66% higher qualified leads every year when compared against brands without the video. Video allows brands to educate the audience about their products and business offerings. Adopting video has caused 93% of marketers to win the trust of new customers.

Video Allows Better Information Capture

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to get people to remember your products when they make a buying decision. The first step to successfully implementing this is convincing potential customers of the product utility. 85% of marketers feel that video is an effective way of grabbing the viewer’s attention. Studies show that 95% of video information is retained by the viewer.

Video on Social Media Channels

As of 2021, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform for marketing professionals. 9 out of every 10 brands have a YouTube presence. With Facebook expanding its video features, 76% of brands are keen to establish their video presence on this platform. Although LinkedIn is a relatively new video-sharing platform, it has gained rapid popularity and is the third most-used video-sharing platform. 66% of marketers plan to use LinkedIn videos in the coming days.

Video on Uncommon Channels

The scope of video marketing is not restricted to popular platforms alone. There is a lot of untapped video marketing potential in platforms such as TikTok. 25% of marketers intend to use TikTok marketing in the coming days.

Video Allows Better Collaboration

Video gives a significant boost to the collaboration of teams. 88% of businesses feel that this has contributed to improved workplace efficiency. For brands that operate across multiple sites, videos are an effective tool for ensuring consistency across retail outlets.

The above figures are a clear indication of the growing importance of video. The sooner brands adapt themselves to the changing trends, the better it is for their business growth.

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