17 Travel Gifts for Couples Who Love Adventure!

by Glenn Maxwell

Every single one of us knows a couple who loves a good adventure. Adventure-seekers always appreciate a good travel gift. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, or some other special occasion, travel-inspired gifts are one of the best for adventure-seeking couples.  

When choosing the perfect gift for a happy couple, you have the liberty to think outside the box.

But not all gifts revolve around honeymoon safaris, luggage tags, and passport holders. There are plenty of other useful but cute gifts that will make your friends very happy.

Let’s look at the list of the best 16 travel gifts for couples who love adventure! 

1 Matching Passport Holders / Matching Luggage Tags

Everyone who likes to travel knows this – a cute passport holder and a luggage tag are a must! A beautiful pair of matching passport holders and matching luggage tags is the greatest fashion accessory for every couple who loves to travel. It is a gift that will last for many years, and let’s face it, it is adorable.

2 Honeymoon Safaris

For couples who love adventure and getting to see the beauty of nature, a honeymoon safari is a perfect gift. Not only will they get to see some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, but they’ll also get to experience all the thrill and excitement that comes with safari life. 

Plus, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photographs and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

3 Scratch-Off World Map

Every traveling couple should own a scratch-off world map. Travelers are always obsessed with countries, cities, flags, and maps. Aside from being a nice addition to every traveler’s collection, a scratch-off map is an easy way to keep track of every destination one has visited.

4 Wood Wall Map

You can even take it one step further and buy a wooden wall map. It is one of the most common gifts for traveling couples and makes a beautiful wall décor. They come in various sizes and shapes so it would be really easy to choose the perfect one.  

5 Bucket List Journal

Who doesn’t love a bucket list? Travelers, or no travelers, we all like to make wishes and put them down on a piece of paper. A bucket list journal is one of the greatest gifts for traveling couples because they can write their goals for the future and check them off once they make them happen. 

6 Travel Journal

A travel journal is a simple and classic gift. Every traveling couple loves a book where they can store memories, photos, and significant experiences. 

So if you decide to get your favorite adventurous couple a travel journal, they will be eternally grateful because they will be able to relive their adventures later in life.

7 Travel-Themed Bedding Set

Remember that you cannot go wrong with a travel-themed bedding set if you are in doubt. An antique world map duvet is both beautiful and comfortable. Seeing a map every time you go to sleep may be inspiring.

8 Keepsake Box 

Do you know what the next best thing is after traveling? Keeping good memories! Naturally, travelers like to bring souvenirs and take photos of the places they have visited. A keepsake box can be a perfect place for storing travel memories. Also, it makes a beautiful but practical gift. The best combination, right? 

9 Travel Books

Books are the most common and most desired gift. A good travel book about the world’s most romantic destinations or the journeys of a lifetime will provide plenty of inspiration for future couples’ getaways. 

Also, if you happen to know their next destination, a travel book full of tips and tricks will be an ideal gift. This way, they won’t have to tackle the internet every time they have a dilemma about where to eat dinner.  

10 Matching Traveling T-Shirts

Airport outfit – CHECKED! A T-shirt with a travel theme is a dream of every traveler. It is both a practical and economical gift, so we say it is a pretty good option when nothing else works. If everything else is matching, then why not match outfits as well? 

11 Travel Fund Box

Good traveling experience requires money, and we all know how money gets easily spent when you are on vacation. A dedicated travel fund box is helpful to everyone who likes to save money for a trip and plan their budget. Having a fund box is for motivation and a simple way to save some dollar bills.

12 Eye Mask With Speakers

Another great gift for travelers is an eye mask with speakers. When you find yourself on long flights, sleeping can be tough. A dedicated mask with speakers will block the light and connect you to your phone via Bluetooth. While you are in the shop, get one for yourself, because this is an awesome gadget. The future sounds slick, right?  

13 Luggage Scale

If you know that your friends are always struggling with luggage weight, a luggage scale is the ultimate gift. A luggage scale allows travelers to measure their bags before going to the airport. This gift will help them pack better and save money on luggage fees.  

14 Anti-Theft Bag

Nowadays, an anti-theft bag has become a must-have item for every traveler. Giving someone a slash-proof bag with shoulder straps and lockdown is like getting them a first-class ticket to a worry-free vacation.   

15 Sleeping Bag for Two

Couples who love adventure like to camp and stay outdoors as much as possible. A sleeping bag for two is a great gift for couples who like to snuggle and enjoy a romantic getaway in the wilderness. 

16 Tripod

We know that everyone loves a good selfie, but are selfie photos enough when you are in a foreign, romantic country?  

Of course not. For this reason, a cell phone tripod is a very useful gift for couples who love traveling. It is compact enough to fit in the suitcase, and it comes with a remote so they can take pictures whenever they want. 

17 Travel Gift Voucher

Last but not least, if nothing of the above suits you, you can never go wrong with a travel voucher. If you have trouble picking out a wedding gift, honeymoon safaris, especially Tanzania honeymoon safaris, are the most popular option. No one will say no to a luxury honeymoon in the tribes in Tanzania, right?


Well, there you have it! Whenever you have several thoughts on what you should get as a gift for your honeymoon partner, we’ve listed 16 to help you choose from!

Please note that this list isn’t in order of which gift we think it’s the best one. It’s simply a collection of awesome travel gifts for couples! 

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