2022 Buyers’ Guide for Automotive All-Weather Floor Liners

by Carter Toni

Keep your floorboards safe and your vehicle’s interior clean with the latest automotive all-weather floor liners. Use this buyer guide to help you compare highly rated brands and styles as you shop online. From the rugged 3D MAXpider to a quality WeatherTech option, see what the floor of your vehicle is missing today.

Floor Liners Materials

Start by comparing the material used for your floor mat. Some high-quality options will boast multiple materials for soundproofing, comfort and protection. Most liners, however, will be made primarily out of one of these materials:

  • Carpet
  • Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE
  • Rubber

Carpet mats are some of the most affordable. Many vehicles come with carpet floor mats, so you can pick up an aftermarket set to match your OEM mats. Carpet mats need to be ordered to match the dimensions of your vehicle and they aren’t the best choice for all weather conditions.

TPE mats are durable options that combine plastic and rubber. They’re flexible enough to fit the curves of your vehicle but rigid enough to trap dirt and spills as you drive. This option is one of the most highly rated, so consider choosing TPE for your WeatherTech floor liners or other brand of liners. If you’re looking to purchase WeatherTech mats for the best price, you can check out Black Friday Weathertech.

Rubber is another flexible, reliable option for your floor mats. Rubber tends to come in just a few color and size options but offers a waterproof barrier to protect and maintain your vehicle.

Floor Mat Cleaning

Both rubber and TPE mats are easy to clean at home or at a car wash. Simply remove the mats and shake out any dirt or debris. Use a vacuum or wet cloth to clean off the surface of your Husky floor mats.

Carpet mats require a little more care. These mats can be vacuumed off, but should also be cleaned with carpet cleaning solution. Periodic cleaning can prevent stains or other damage.

Custom-Fit vs. Trim-to-Fit Mats

Leading floor liners are designed to fit your make and model of vehicle. If you choose a custom-fit option, then you won’t need to worry about measuring, cutting or performing any other steps to install them. The only thing you may need to do is remove the existing floor mats to make room for your aftermarket upgrades.

Other floor mats use a trim-to-fit design. These mats may still be manufactured out of rubber or other waterproof material, but they require additional installation steps.

Size the mat with your vehicle and not the areas where the trim-to-fit mats may be too long. Draw the areas where the mat is too large using a permanent marker. Next, use a standard pair of office scissors to cut through the rubber mat in the required areas.

Check Out the Latest All-Weather Floor Liners for 2022

From custom-fit TPE to trim-to-fit rubber, the latest all-weather floor liners can help you protect your ride. Explore affordable ways to update your vehicle by shopping at a highly rated online store. Check out customer reviews and shipping options for a convenient way to maintain your vehicle.

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