2023 Heisman Trophy Voting Results: Meet the 2023 Trophy Winner Everyone’s Talking About!

by Moore Martin

2023 Heisman Trophy Voting Results

In 2023, Jayden Daniels won the Heisman Trophy, being recognized as the most outstanding player in college football. Daniels, the LSU quarterback, showcased his exceptional skills and received widespread support with 503 first-place votes.

A Triumph for Jayden Daniels: The 2023 Heisman Trophy Winner

In the thrilling world of college football, the year 2023 witnessed the ascension of a true gridiron hero – Jayden Daniels. As the dust settled on the gridiron battlefields, it became abundantly clear that Daniels, the charismatic quarterback from Louisiana State University (LSU), had secured the most coveted prize in college football: the Heisman Trophy.

The 2023 Heisman Trophy Voting Results

The award for the most outstanding player in college football, the Heisman Trophy, saw a fierce competition in 2023. The Deloitte-conducted voting breakdown provided intriguing insights into the performance of the top 10 candidates.

Jayden Daniels emerged as the frontrunner, amassing an impressive 2,029 points. This remarkable tally included 503 first-place votes, 217 second-place votes, and 86 third-place votes. It was a testament to his exceptional abilities and contributions to the sport.




Total Points

1 Jayden Daniels LSU 2,029
2 Michael Penix Jr Washington 1,701
3 Bo Nix Oregon 885
4 Marvin Harrison Jr Ohio State 352
5 Jordan Travis Florida State 85
6 Jalen Milroe Alabama 73
7 Ollie Gordon II Oklahoma State 31
8 Cody Schrader Missouri 9
9 Blake Corum Michigan 28
10 J.J. McCarthy Michigan 21

Interestingly, when analyzing the voting results by region, Jayden Daniels proved to be a consistent favorite, leading in all regions except the far west, where Michael Penix Jr. held a slight edge. Nevertheless, it was Jayden Daniels who shone the brightest on the national stage, claiming the Heisman Trophy with grace and finesse.

Unveiling the Champion

Jayden Daniels, a name etched in the annals of college football history, hails from Louisiana State University (LSU). His journey to Heisman glory was marked by exceptional performances throughout the college football season. With his 503 first-place votes, Daniels left no room for doubt – he was the undisputed star of the year.

Known for his remarkable achievements and leadership on the field, Jayden Daniels had rightfully claimed the prestigious honor. He embodied the spirit of the game, inspiring not only his teammates but also fans across the nation.

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The Heisman Trophy: A Symbol of Excellence

The Heisman Trophy stands as a symbol of excellence, an accolade bestowed annually upon the most outstanding player in college football. This venerable award, established in 1935, celebrates individuals who exemplify remarkable skill, unyielding dedication, and unwavering determination on the football field.

Presented by the Heisman Trophy Trust, this award honors players for their exceptional contributions and their ability to transcend the ordinary. As of 2023, the most recent recipient of this prestigious honor is none other than Jayden Daniels, a name that will be forever etched in college football history.

Who Is Jayden Daniels?

Jayden Daniels, born on December 18, 2000, is a gifted American football quarterback currently making waves as a part of the LSU Tigers. Hailing from San Bernardino, California, Daniels emerged as a standout high school quarterback at Cajon High School. His prowess on the field earned him the coveted title of a 4-star recruit, ranking second nationally for dual-threat quarterbacks.

Starting his college journey at Arizona State in 2019, Daniels wasted no time in making an impact. As a true freshman, he seized the starting quarterback position and led the Sun Devils to memorable victories, all while showcasing his exceptional skills. The Pac-12 took notice of Daniels’ talent, showering him with accolades.

In 2022, a new chapter unfolded as Jayden Daniels transferred to Louisiana State University (LSU). Far from slowing him down, this move propelled him to even greater heights. He set records for both passing and rushing yards in a single game, solidifying his position as an extraordinary quarterback. It was a prelude to his outstanding 2023 season, culminating in the crowning achievement of the Heisman Trophy.

A Glittering Career Defined by Excellence

Jayden Daniels’ football journey has been nothing short of spectacular. From his early days at Cajon High School, where he was revered as a top dual-threat quarterback, to his commitment to Arizona State in 2019, his path was marked by excellence.

As a true freshman at Arizona State, Daniels etched his name in the record books by becoming the starting quarterback. His performances against formidable opponents earned him accolades from the Pac-12, validating his prowess on the national stage. Despite the challenges posed by the shortened 2020 season, Daniels continued to shine brightly.

In 2022, Daniels embraced a new challenge by transferring to LSU. This transition proved seamless, and he immediately left an indelible mark. With record-breaking passing and rushing yards in a single game, Daniels showcased his extraordinary skills. His stellar 2023 season culminated in multiple prestigious awards, none more significant than the Heisman Trophy.

The 2023 Heisman Trophy Finalists Unveiled

The Heisman Trophy finalists for 2023 constituted an impressive lineup of college football’s finest. Alongside Jayden Daniels, other standout players included Michael Penix Jr. from Washington, Bo Nix from Oregon, Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State, and several others.

These finalists had earned their place through exceptional performances during the season. However, it was Jayden Daniels who emerged as the ultimate victor, adding his name to the storied list of Heisman Trophy winners. The Heisman Trophy continues to celebrate the remarkable achievements of these exceptional athletes in the realm of college football.

2023 Heisman Trophy Voting Results – FAQs

  1. Who won the 2023 Heisman Trophy? Jayden Daniels, the LSU quarterback, won the 2023 Heisman Trophy.
  2. What is the Heisman Trophy? The Heisman Trophy is an annual award recognizing the most outstanding player in college football.
  3. How are Heisman Trophy finalists selected? Finalists are chosen based on exceptional skill and dedication displayed during the college football season.
  4. How is the Heisman Trophy winner determined? The winner is determined by votes from a panel of experts, considering players’ on-field excellence and contributions.
  5. Who were the top contenders in the 2023 Heisman race? The top contenders in 2023 were Michael Penix Jr., Bo Nix, Marvin Harrison Jr., and Jordan Travis, with Jayden Daniels emerging as the winner.

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