3 reasons why you need to travel to Samoa

by James Martin

What makes Samoa so special? One thing that all of the tourists and locals agree is that this popular place is unique and mesmerizing. While a vast majority of people relate this destination to top-notch restaurants, luxury hotels and fruity cocktails by the side of a heavenly pool, some other visitors get caught mostly by the exotic landscapes and fun adventures offered by Samoa. Whether you are a big fan of delicious foods, extreme sports, or just want to spend a memorable time with your whole family at a great beachy place, this article is right for you. The following information will be very useful in getting to know more about the Soamoan culture, as it includes the three main reasons why you can’t resist booking your next holiday at this earthly paradise. So, keep on reading and let the fun begin.

1. The perfect place for adventure

With so many alternatives available for you and your loved ones, it can be difficult to decide how you want to spend your holidays in Samoa. Even the most relaxing activities become epic experiences when you are at this beautiful place. When it comes to sports, there are plenty of choices that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people, regardless of your age and physical condition, Samoa has something in store for you. Some of the preferred distractions include riding a bike, which you can do by yourself, with your friends, family or even get support from a specialized guide. This can be a very fun way to discover the highlights of the small island country while keeping yourself active. Some other classic but awesome outdoor activities are surfing, visiting famous waterfalls, as well as fishing, hiking and much more.

2. Lots of family-friendly settings

If you are looking forward to spending a great vacation with your family, traveling to Samoa is one of your best options out there. It will offer you the opportunity to make the most out of your time together, learning and experiencing from a completely new culture that has been established for more than 3 thousand years, rich in flavors, traditions and customs. And the most important part is that you can explore it in a safe way, enjoying every second of your stay, as Samoans are well known for being friendly and welcoming to visitors, plus hotels and restaurants are ready to provide you with an easy accomodation.

3. Culinary paradise

If you are big into fresh, healthy food and tropical flavors, this is a menu you can’t miss. As you can imagine, the seafood at Samoa is one of the big favorites, but there is a broad variety of delicious dishes that you should definitely taste. From palusami (meal with corned beef and coconut milk), to the pani popo (samoan coconut rolls) and the savory kale moa (samoan chicken curry). The samoan food is very particular, in a good way, and you may need to be prepared when you go there because it is hard to get enough from this cuisine.



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