35 Eco-Friendly Mattresses in 2021 for a clean House and Environment

by Carter Toni

Does the enormous number of mattress brands available perplex you? Do the various aspects to consider before purchasing a mattress bewilder you? To help you with your difficulty, our specialists have compiled a list of the finest mattresses in India based on rigorous research of numerous properties, testing of various features, bed vacuum and reading of various user evaluations. To make an informed decision about eco-friendly mattresses, go over the following list.

Eco is another excellent brand that is focused on producing some of the finest and most environmentally friendly products. Their eco-friendly Australian Bedding is some of the most premium and comfortable products that offer complete value for money.

1. Avocado Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress is one of the most affordable clean and organic hybrid mattresses available, as well as our top pick for both pleasure and durability. The founders of Avocado could not find a mattress that was both affordable and safe for their family (particularly, one that did not contain petroleum-based fiberglass, harmful flame-retardants, toxic adhesives, hazardous pesticides, or other off-gassing chemicals). Even in a saturated market, they could not find a fully green mattress at an attractive cost, so they decided to manufacture one. Moreover, visit isense to find a great variety of mattresses.

Avocado Mattress

The company also sells a strict vegetarian mattress, organic cotton mattress pad protectors, and reclaimed wood bedroom furniture. Avocado, as a part of 1 percent for the Planet, donates to environmental and social NGOs and uses CarbonFund to offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions.


The Sleep Company’s AWARA Mattress is a perfect alternative for anyone looking for a lavish environment as consumers transition from traditional to smarter technology-based mattresses. This mattress is the ideal blend of extremely advanced technology and luxury, thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer used in its construction. The cover is made of organic rayon cotton, which prevents skin problems and irritation while also increasing the mattress’s breathability. AWARA mattress is one of the best eco-friendly mattresses you would find in this price range. So you can easily bet on these mattresses.


Even after ten years of use, the hyper-elastic polymer ensures that it maintains its shape without shrinking. It aids in the maintenance of proper form without causing strain on the back, head, spinal, or arms. The 2500+ air channels infused in this mattress protect you from waking up sweaty, unlike low-quality mattresses.

3. Awara Premier Latex Hybrid

According to several studies, the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid mattress has helped with stiffness and pressure points while also reducing neck pain. It has intended to adjust to your sleeping positions, delivering incredible comfort and pressure point support. For added comfort, it contains a 15micrometres foam layer on top with an 8mm PU filling.

Awara Premier Latex Hybrid

* It is made of a luxurious, high-quality material that feels great against the skin.

* It has a vivid purple color and an extremely polished appearance.

* It is available in four various sizes and is lightweight, making it easy to move.

4. Bear Mattress

After a hard day at work, we all deserve a restful night’s sleep, and Bear Mattress provides it. The orthopedic memory foam mattress from Wakefit has a 5-layer comfort configuration built-in. This mattress is great for persons who suffer from a stiff neck, lower back pain, or other similar issues. It uses cutting-edge technology to target pressure spots in your muscles and ease stress. Within 10 days of sleeping on this mattress, one can notice joint pain relief. It has a larger cell-size foam that allows for better airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Bear Mattress

It keeps you cool and comfortable by preventing heat from being absorbed within. The mattress can be used on both sides, although the white side is advised for optimal benefits. In the winter, use the harsher side, and in the summer, use the softer side. The mattress is available in two sizes: king and queen.

5. BedInABox Mattress

If you do not want to spend the money on a foam mattress, this BedInABox mattress will suffice. It is springy and holds its shape even when under a lot of pressure. It is a great option for kids or anyone who prefers not to sleep on a memory foam mattress. It contains adequate trigger points to target and relieves your joints. It might not be ideal for every population because some people find it stiff. It is made of high-quality materials and is reversible, so you may use it on both sides for comparable comfort. It has a border wire that retains the springtime alignment exactly, maintaining the form of the mattress for years. It is more resilient than woven cotton mattresses and includes a border wire that keeps the spring alignment correct, preserving the contour of the mattress for years.

BedInABox Mattress6. Birch

Birch’s organic and natural mattress could be the most comfortable mattress on the planet (Business Insider sure thinks so). Birch is an OEKO-TEX and Rainforest Alliance certified company that also plants one tree for every mattress sold through the National Forest Foundation. This mattress is created with natural, pure, allergenic, and pro ingredients including natural cotton, humidity wool (from New Zealand), and sustainable basis rubber to maintain even the hottest sleepers cool. Individually packaged iron coils (manufactured in the United States) provide additional comfort and pressure alleviation. Birch has a lot of awards and natural mattress components.

Birch7. Birchliving

Birchliving Mattress is a well-known mattress brand that delivers high-quality mattresses at reasonable pricing. When purchasing a memory foam mattress, look for one that allows for the preferred method and holds less heat. This mattress is well known for doing just that. The combination of foam padding and cooling crystals regulates body temperature for maximum comfort. The one-of-a-kind design relieves pressure spots while being extremely durable over time. A mattress’s plushness is always praised. The upper surface is memory foam, while the bottom layer is high-density foam, which conforms to each person’s shape and provides huge backing without falling in.

Birchliving8. BRENTWOOD HOME

A poor-quality mattress can hurt the skin and potentially lead to acne. To prevent this, choose a mattress that is both safe and soothing on the skin, such as BRENTWOOD HOME Mattress. The high-quality cashmere cloth covering is infused with antibacterial aloe vera to make your skin safe, fresh, and moisturized. This mattress, which is made with special responsive foam, helps to preserve the natural curve of your spine while giving ultimate comfort. It also has huge storage foam filling that ensures no partner disruption. Its mini gel absorbs body temperature and aids in chilling, on even hot days.

BRENTWOOD HOME9. Brooklyn Bedding

Old and unformattable mattresses might cause consistent back pain. If you are having trouble sleeping, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress might be the answer. The National Health Academy has endorsed and authorized the Duroflex Back Magic mattress, and doctors have recommended it. The 5-zone therapeutic mattress coverings, made of high-quality coir with rebounded foam, provide excellent support for the legs, knee, lumbar, shoulders, and feet. The coir mattress allows for enough air and ventilation. It ensures that the backbone and spine are in proper alignment.

Brooklyn Bedding10. DreamCloud

DreamCloud mattress is made from high-rebonded foam and antibacterial fabric with a high gsm. Its strong effective framework material provides great back support for a restful night’s sleep and keeps you cool in any weather.


Even though the company advertises medium-firm support, the sensation can be a little gentler. With natural rubber coir covering, which promotes body posture, this mattress is well constructed. It is constructed with genuine materials to provide a lengthy and pleasant pleasure. It is made out of a superior soft endurance form that has been bonded with medically prescribed materials.


We propose ECO TERRA as the best mattress brand for three reasons:

(a) As many natural materials as feasible are used.

(b) The product looks very good and it is well designed from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint.

(c) It has a substantially longer lifespan than its competitors do. If you are easily swayed by deep discounts, Avocado Mattress may not be for you. The items are reasonably priced, but there are no fraudulent discounts.


The majority of the features we discuss are either something that a typical customer would not be aware of or things that the business has clearly expressed on its site.

12. EcoSleep

In the mattresses sector, the EcoSleep mattress is a major game-changer. From latex to foam padding, the company has a remarkable assortment to meet everyone’s sleep demands, and by taking out the intermediary, it can sell to consumers at a lower price. EcoSleep’s innovative concept extends beyond distribution since the mattresses are created in the United States from plant-based, sustainable, and environmental ingredients. The company has donated thousands of natural mattresses to high-need groups across the country.


The Mattress from EcoSleep is made entirely of pure Talalay latex, which is inherently hypersensitive and resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Talalay’s manufacturing process is water-based, reducing the number of harmful consequences in the atmosphere.


Buying a good mattress is a commitment, and it can be a difficult one. , EDEN SLEEP Mattresses, on the other hand, made it simple to take that step. We knew we had to try it out because it came with a 365-night trial, premium customer care, and a lifetime warranty—and we are glad we did. For its permeability and natural elements, and the nine contoured support core for pressure reduction, we appreciate EDEN SLEEP’s latex hybrid mattress. It is solid but comfortable, and we are convinced it will support our bodies and help us have a good night’s sleep. The mattress arrived in a cardboard box at our door, and it was as simple as spreading it out and placing it on the bed frame with the fabric handles.


ESSENTIA is a luxury mattresses retailer and manufacturer that specializes in organic mattresses and furnishings. All of their items are handcrafted in their organic production facility in California, which is GOLS and GOTS certified, and they offer free shipping inside the United States. Keep an eye out for the company’s specials, which provide a wide range of certified organic and eco-friendly mattresses at affordable prices, especially during significant holidays. Each one of the company’s mattresses is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, assuring that the mattress has passed some of its most stringent and thorough chemicals emissions requirements in the industry.

ESSENTIA15. Essentia Mattress

Essentia MATTRESS is a well-known brand in the mattress market. If you are searching for the cheapest mattress, this is the one to choose. The mattress’s considerable depth natural fiber core layer, along with ACD &VCT technology, makes it incredibly firm and provides excellent spinal and overall comfort. It has enhanced coir direction for further support and bounce, as well as a rich coir concentration in the center for even dispersion. Fungal, dust, and stink will all be properly protected. The knitted fabric is soft on the skin and helps to keep microorganisms at bay.

Essentia Mattress16. FLOBEDS

FLOBEDS Mattresses, a true California brand, has been creating organic premium mattresses in L.A. since 1987. Natural, pure, and non-toxic ingredients are sourced directly by the company, which adheres to strict consumer and environmental health regulations. They created a completely new Cedar Natural Luxe mattress that is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and symbolizes the peak of eco-conscious mattress design. Brentwood Home also supports many environmental and social causes and works with Carbonfund to reduce its carbon footprint.

FLOBEDS17. GhostBed Natural Mattress

The GhostBed Natural Mattress is a GreenGuard Gold-certified mattress made for athletes and others who are constantly on the go. It is a luxurious mattress featuring coils, cool polyurethane foam that uses Celliant Sleep Technology to help you sleep better, and recover quicker. GhostBed Natural Mattress mattresses are CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certified, ensuring minimal VOCs and beds free of toxic fire retardants and pesticides.

GhostBed Natural Mattress18. Happsy

The Happsy Organic Mattress is a GOTS-certified organic mattress with a comfort-oriented design. The coils are what make this mattress unique. Happsy makes each coil and does away with all glues and adhesives. For breathability and delicate body contouring, the other layers are made of organic cotton, wool, and latex. Many consumers appreciate Happsy’s service as well as the mattress’s sturdy yet soft texture. You will get free shipping and returns, a 120-night trial, and a 20-year warranty when you buy this mattress.

Happsy19. Latex for less

Recycled steel coils, Upcycled denim, and performance fibers from up to 57 recycled water bottles are all used in the creation of each Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress. Although the brand does not specify whom this mattress is best on, customers say it works well for side and stomach sleepers. It is rated medium on the scale of firmness, so back sleepers may find it too soft. Every mattress comes with a 25-year warranty, free returns, and a one-year sleep trial.

Latex for less20. Layla sleep

Happsy Mattress is GOTS and Greenguard Gold certified. It is free of harsh chemicals and comes from a sustainable source. Organic cotton, wool, natural latex, coils, and wool batting are among the six layers. It is designed to relieve pressure and conform to your body. It is comfortable right out of the box, according to customers. It also acquires carbon credits to help offset some of its carbon footprints as an added environmental benefit. You will get free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 25-year warranty when you buy this mattress.

Layla sleep21. Metta Bed

My Green Mattress has a quilted organic cotton cover with a natural thistle flame retardant. It is built of memory foam. A cooling foam layer will keep any sleeper cool and comfortable throughout the night. The business promises that the mattress will not off-gas or emit chemicals into the air because it is manufactured of stable (rather than shrink-wrapped) foam. The foams are manufactured with “sustainable oils,” according to the brand. Loom & Leaf has factories throughout the United States to limit their carbon impact, so your mattress will not have to travel more than 100 miles to get to your home. This Mattress is not designed for a certain type of sleeper, but reviews say it is comfortable for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Free shipping is included, as well as a 180-day sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

Metta Bed22. MyGreen Mattress

The MyGreen Mattress Hope Latex Mattress is handcrafted in an organic facility and is suitable for every sleeper. It is devoid of springs, instead of relying on three layers of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex for support. The organic cotton and wool cover is GOTS-certified and conforms to the body. Wool protects you without the need for chemicals by acting as a natural flame retardant. Customers praise the mattress’s firmness and comfort. Because it does not have handles, some people say it is a little difficult to move about. Free shipping, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 20-year limited warranty are all included with the purchase of the MyGreen Mattress.

MyGreen Mattress23. My Green Mattress Natural Escape

The My Green Mattress Natural Escape is a superb latex hybrid that sleeps incredibly cool because of breathable Dunlop latex, heat-wicking wool, and a pocketed coil structure. The Natural Escape latex hybrid has zoned pocketed coils throughout, with higher-gauge coils just at the head and bottom of the bed, medium-gauge coils in the center, and lower-gauge coils all around the perimeter. The mattress’s top layer is made up of a pure cotton cover and natural wool and organic Dunlop rubber comfort layers.

My Green Mattress Natural Escape24. Naturepedic

The Naturepedic crib mattress was designed to provide the same degree of comfort as a typical luxury bed. It is GOTS and Greenguard certified, and it adheres to both CPSC and pediatrician recommendations. It is simple to clean, thanks to a waterproof surface made of non-GMO sugarcane. Because one side is firm for newborns and the other is medium-firm for toddlers, the two-stage choice allows you to use the same mattress for longer. You will get free shipping and returns, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy this mattress.

Naturepedic25. Nest Bedding

The Nest Bedding Mattress was created to provide greater support and responsiveness. A specific zipper pocket allows consumers to remove the layer of latex and rotate it every month to spread wear and tear. This mattress helps decrease waste. If you need to refresh your mattress in a few years, you can even buy a new latex layer. This mattress’s foam is CertiPUR-US certified and manufactured in the United States. The mattress, according to customers, is suitable for all sleeping positions. A 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty will be provided to purchasers.

Nest Bedding26. Nolah Natural 11

The Nolah Natural 11 is still a highlight in this aspect, even though many organic and natural mattresses excel at temperature regulation. The mattress is medium-firm and responsive, allowing most sleepers to lie on an equal plane without sinking too much and sacrificing ventilation. A permeable cover made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, a moisture-wicking wool-batting layer beneath the surface, a comfort layer made of ventilated Talalay latex, and a pocketed coil structure that encourages consistent air circulation is all part of the design.

Nolah Natural 1127. Saatva Latex Hybrid

The Talalay latex and recycled steel coils of the Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress are supplied sustainably. It, like the other mattresses on this list, uses wool like a natural flame retardant, so no harsh chemicals are used. It is one of the few internet mattress brands that do not come in a box, and it is made in the United States. Instead, you will get it with complimentary white-glove delivery and your old mattress will be removed. The mattress has a 180-day trial period and a 15-year warranty.

Saatva Latex Hybrid28. WinkBeds EcoCloud

WinkBeds’ EcoCloud is a latex hybrid that offers good overall support. The mix of responsive Talalay latex and sturdy pocketed coils is ideal for sleepers who require more support from their mattress. The 4-inch ventilated Talalay latex comfort layer has received an OEKO-TEX Class 1 certification, indicating that it is free of dangerous chemicals and compounds, as well as a Rainforest Alliance accreditation based on the latex’s cultivation and harvesting methods. A blend of GOTS-certified organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool makes up the cover. Pocketed coils make up the support core of the EcoCloud.

WinkBeds EcoCloud29. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is ideal for anyone who loves responsibly created products and suffers from lower back pain regularly. This all-latex mattress comes in three different height profiles to accommodate sleepers of various height preferences. The stiffness of the mattress can also be adjusted. The top two latex layers can be swapped at any moment to make the Botanical Bliss feel softer or firmer.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss30. Spindle Organic Latex Mattress

All-latex beds are normally more durable than average, but the Spindle Natural Latex Mattress, with its revolutionary modular design, raises the standard on lifespan. Three layers of natural Dunlop latex, each measuring 3 inches thick, make up the mattress. The mattress may have two medium-feel (5) latex layers over a firm (7) bottom layer, or one medium-top layer of two firm layers, depending on the firmness you choose. By simply unzipping the cover, you can change the sequence of these layers at any moment. This not only changes the stiffness to a softer or stiffer feel, but it also protects the layers against indentations and impressions over time.

Spindle Organic Latex Mattress31. SAVVY REST

In the mattress sector, Savvy is a major disruptor. From latex to memory foam, the company has a remarkable assortment to meet everyone’s sleep demands, and by taking out the intermediary, it can sell to consumers at a lower price. Savvy’s innovative concept extends beyond distribution since the mattresses are created in the United States from plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients. The company has donated hundreds of natural mattresses to high-need groups across the country.


The OMI Youth Bed Mattress is a GreenGuard Gold-certified organic latex mattress designed with growing youngsters in mind. Other renewable materials, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool, are also used. This mattress is unique as the first mattress firm in the United States created it. They offer a completely certified organic latex mattress. It is created in Northern California in a fragrance-free factory. A 90-day comfort guarantee and a 20-year limited warranty are provided by OMI.


The Sleep Company’s SmartGrid Luxe Mattress is a perfect alternative for anyone looking for a sumptuous experience as consumers transition from traditional to smarter technology-based mattresses. This mattress is the ideal blend of SmartGRID technology and luxury, thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer used in its construction. The cover is made of organic viscose cotton, which prevents skin rashes and irritation while also increasing the mattress’s breathability.


Puffy is a well-known mattress brand in India that delivers high-quality mattresses at a reasonable price. When purchasing a memory foam mattress, look for one that allows for good airflow and holds less heat. This mattress is well known for doing just that. The one-of-a-kind design relieves pressure spots while being extremely durable over time. The puffiness of the mattress is worth every dime spent.


A poor-quality mattress can harm your skin and potentially lead to acne. To avoid this, choose a mattress that is both safe and soothing on the skin, such as this one. The high-quality cashmere fabric cover is infused with antimicrobial aloe vera gel to keep your skin safe, fresh, and moisturized. This mattress, which is made with special responsive foam, helps to preserve the natural curve of your spine while giving ultimate comfort. It also has high-density memory foam filling that ensures no partner disruption. Its microcapsules gel absorbs body heat and aids in cooling, even on hot summer days.


To sum it up

The above-listed eco-friendly mattresses options would cater to your specific needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. They would ensure that you get the right mattress suitable for your specific comfort, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting needs.

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