5 Modern Bathroom Accessories to Step Up Your Bathing Style

by Carter Toni

The bathroom is an important part of the home. It is highly functional, contributes considerably to a property’s value, and is also an opportunity to show some style. These five modern bathroom features all help to contribute to a modern style and add value to the space.

Rainfall Showers

The shower has had some big design upgrades in the past few years. Rainfall showers are the biggest and best development. These drop water onto you in the shower like rain falling from the sky or a waterfall in a forest. It is a much more pleasant experience than a power shower or high-pressure showerhead. This gives your showering a more natural feel and takes the rush out of your daily shower routine. It creates a space where you can relax.

The Bidet

Are bidets making a comeback? The simple answer is yes. These handy bathroom features never really found favour in British bathrooms and were often a curiosity only experienced in trips to the continent. Now, the times are changing. Bidets are seen as an environmentally conscious and money-saving investment in a modern bathroom. They allow families to cut down on toilet paper use and not be faced with supply chain problems in the event of another global outbreak or the aftermath of one.

Custom Cabinetry

The bathroom of a home is often a very unique space, fitting around bedrooms or tucked under the stairs. Making the most of the space you have is crucial, and with some smart and subtle custom cabinetry, you can maximise your storage space in the bathroom. Cabinets that work beneath and around the sink, toilet, or bidet can add deep shelves to store all your supplies. In the recess along a bathtub, you can have simple shelves to store towels or decorative knick-knacks.

Integrated Electronics

Netflix and soak? One of the most popular trends in modern bathrooms is adding audio and visual elements. Bluetooth-enabled speaker systems and smart TVs are becoming more common in bathroom refits. They do need professional installation and some precautions, since you must install a television with waterproofing that is suitable for bathroom use. Smart mirrors are also popping up that can also act as a screen to watch your favourite shows while you are in the bath.

Fixtures and Fittings

Often, the most cost-effective way to bring modern styling to a bathroom is to change its fixtures and fittings. From the door handle to the toilet handle, and all the taps and sink plugs in between. Add clean and contemporary styles quickly with a new set of hardware. If you are prepared to spend a little more in this area you can get a lot for your money from a stylish set of taps, handles, and accessories. They can also be inspirations for bigger decorative changes and features later on.

Make two or three of these additions to your bathroom and you will add to its style, functionality, and its value. Investing money in modern bathroom features gives you something new to enjoy in the bathroom and adds a valuable asset to your home.

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